Special Court Convicts 24 of 66 Accused, Acquits 36 Others in Gulberg Society Massacre Case

Photo credit: Indian Express

Delivering its verdict in the Gulberg Society massacre case in Ahmedabad on February 28, 2002, a Special Trial Court today convicted 24 of the 66 accused while 36 others were given the benefit of doubt and acquitted.

Of the 24 convicted, 11 have been held guilty of serious offences including murder, while the remaining 15 have been convicted for attempt to murder, arson and rioting. The sentencing and final judgement will be decided on June 6.

List of 11 Accused convicted for serious offences:
1. Kailash Dhobhi
2. Yogendra…
3. Jayesh Gabbar
4. Krishnakumar s/o Champabehn (alias Bhuriyo
5. Raju alias Tam Avtar Tiwari
6. Narayan Channelwalla
7.Lakhansingh Lakhio
8.Bharat Telli
9. Jayesh Dhabhuji Parmar
10. Bharat Laxmansingh Rajput
11. Girish Prabhudas Rajput
When senior advocate for the survivors, SM Vohra asked about whether section 120(b) had been applied the judge orally said, "I have not accepted conspiracy”.

The full text of the order (Part 1) may be read here.
Part 2 may be read here.



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