To stop Criticism of Note Ban, ICAI blocked Anil Galgali’s Account


Earlier in the day, yesterday, December 10,  the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) had issued a circular refraining its members to not share or mention any negative personal views by way of an article or interview on any platform regarding demonetisation.  Anil Galgali, an RTI activist, who tweeted on the ethics behind the advisory's aim to stop criticism of note ban was also blocked by the ICAI.

As soon as the ICAI's circular was out, Anil Galgali shared the same on his twitter page shaming the move. Galgali was surprised with this kind of authoritative behaviour of the institute. Also, when he shared the circular with his followers, the post went viral and reached the ICAI, who in turn immediately blocked Galgali. A lot of Chartered Accountants also criticised the circular after Galgali's tweet.

Owing to displeasure and criticism from all the sections of the society on the social media platform, the ICAI released it's mistake and immediately removed the circular from its website. Anil Galgali says, "Demonetisation is a very difficult phase of each and everyone. First person to be consulted during such testing times are your family's Chartered Accountant. But before becoming or recognising as Chartered Accountant, the person is a resident of this country and by all means has the right to express himself/ herself.

But the ICAI has tried to take away this right from its members.

"They don't want to listen to any criticism. Probably, some politicians may have objected, as they are advised by their CAs on how to manage stashed illegal funds. Instead of heeding to fair criticism, ICAI resorts to crushing it," an indignant Galgali react. Anil Galgali wondered whether the so-called advisory would still be effective after its erasure from the ICAI site.



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