Suit for restoration of temples in Qutub Minar Complex claims “National shame must be vanished”

The suit that includes Lord Vishnu and Tirthankar Rishabh Dev as plaintiffs pleads that a trust be formed for restoring 27 Hindu and Jain temples desecrated by Qutub-Din-Aibak

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A suit has been filed at Saket Court, Delhi to restore 27 Hindu and Jain temples in Qutub Minar complex. The plaintiffs, which includes Lord Vishnu and Tirthankar Rishabh Dev, apart from humans, claims that these temples were dismantled, desecrated and damaged under the command and orders of Qutub-Din-Aibak, a commander of invader Mohammad Gauri, who established “slave dynasty” and to show the ‘Might of Islam’, raised some construction at the same very place of temples naming it as, ‘Quwwat-Ul-Islam Mosque’.

The plaintiffs claim that the walls and pillars of the mosque have images of Hindu gods engraved, and the inner and outer outlook of the building complex symbolise ancient Hindu and Jain temple Architecture. The suit also asserts that the Qutub Minar was erected at a sacred place of temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu with Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Lord Sun and Goddess Gauri and also the temples dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras and constellations. The suit also states that the pillar was constructed during the rule of King Chandra, probably under the kingship of Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya and has been misconstrued as having been built by Sultan Qutubuddin.

The plaintiffs rely upon Arabic inscription on the inner eastern gateway of Quwwatul-Islam Mosque, states that it was built by using the materials of 27 demolished temples and also upon Archaeological Survey of India report for the year 1871-72-Volume IV and some other uncited historical records to substantiate their claims. The plaintiffs state that “The construction was named as Quwwat-ulIslam which means might of Islam and purpose was to humiliate / dishonor and degrade Hindu Deities and demoralize their devotees.”

The plaintiffs state that after the Ayodhya verdict, they visited Qutub Minar purchased books from the Book sale counter and “were shocked to see a large number of pictures of mutilated idols at the pillars of the building and came to know about the barbaric action of first Mohammedan Sultan Qutubdin Aibak to show ‘Might of Islam’ partly demolished the temples and constructed a structure and termed the same as mosque.”

The plaintiffs seek appropriate relief against vandalism and barbarian action of an invader by applying the law applicable to such deity and temple property. The suit also states that “a number of temples with deities were existing within the temple complex before the construction of the alleged Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque but nature of Hindu religious property continued and the Muslims never declared the place as Waqf property before or after the construction raised under the command of Qutub-din Aibak and therefore the construction could not be used as Mosque at any point of time”.

The suit states that lakhs of Hindus visit every year at the place called Quwwatul Islam Masjid considering the area as place of worship dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Trithankars and worship there in restricted manner.

“The broken and mutilated deities are shame for the nation and they are showing our weakness and cowardness from invaders. This National shame must be vanished without any further delay,” states the suit. The plaintiffs have pleaded for mandatory injunction directing a Trust be created to manage the affairs of 27 Hindu and Jain temples with Iron Pillar.


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