Support pours in for hate monger Suresh Chavhanke, calls for violence against Muslims made

Jantar Mantar, an iconic protest site becomes a hub for hate speech as extremist Hindutva leaders challenge the Supreme Court’s recent directives, warn of ‘bloodshed and sacrifices’ if RSS’ Sudarshan TV chief, Chavhanke arrested


The notorious hate offender Suresh Chavhanke and his mission to ‘establish’ a ‘Hindu Nation’ has been gaining followers. Last month, at an event held at Nagar, Maharashtra, Suresh Chavhave had delivered an anti-Muslim hate speech, where he had gone beyond just hate mongering, and instigated people to go against the Supreme Court (SC) by administering the oath to establishing the Hindu nation with him. Chavhanke had even said that it is because of the pressure put by the Supreme Court on the Delhi Police that action is being taken against him, which he deemed to be an act of injustice. 

Pursuant to this, a public meeting, in an absolute contempt of court, was allowed by the Delhi Police where the Hinduvta extremist leaders made unregulated hate-filled speeches. Calls for violence against the Muslim community along with blatant defiance of the orders of the Supreme Court were made. These self-appointed protectors of India even said that any action taken against Chavhanke will invite bloodshed and chaos.

Despite this, no visible or publicized preventive penalising action has been yet taken by Delhi Police on this. Despite such many orders and directives recently issued by the Supreme Court for curbing hate speech and taking cognizance of such instances barring the religion of the speaker, the Delhi Police has clearly failed to take any kind of action against any speaker yet. This strongly indicates the impunity with which such outfits function and the partisan attitude of Delhi Police and disinclination towards taking action against hate speech, substantiating the claims made by Suresh Chavhanke.

Many speakers indulged in making speeches that targeted the minority community. Communally divisive and propaganda filled issues of Love-Jihad were also brought in. the speakers used their age old strategy of invoking the feelings of Hindu men by bringing in their daughters, sisters and mothers. The speeches are as follows:

Speaker 1

Jis kisi ne Chavhanke ko haath lagaya uska haath jadh se ukhaad denge. Jadh se ukhaad denge uss haath ko jo apne Hindu Dharam ki taraf chalega. (Whoever touches Chavhanke will have their arm removed from their body. We will uproot that hand which will move towards Hindu dharma.)

Aur ek baat batadu yeh jo Muslim hai na, inse darne ki zarurat nahi hai. Kuch nahi hai. Musalmaan ka arth bata deta hu- jo Musal ki maar se manega, who musalman hai. (And one thing is that there is no need to be afraid of those who are Muslims. There is nothing. Let me tell you the meaning of Muslim – whoever will become better after a beating is a Muslim.)

Ek jihadi humari beheno ke saath love jihad kar deta aur who samaaj chup hoke beth jata hai, yeh kehke ki humari jo beti thi humne tayag di. Arre kya tiyaag di? Uss jihadi ke ghar jaake uske parivaar ko niptao na jaake. Aage se koi iss tareeke ka vyavhaar bhi nahi karega. (A jihadi would do love jihad with our sister and the society sits quietly, saying that we have given up our daughter. What did you give up? Why don’t you go to the house of that jihadi and deal with his family. No one will behave in this way again.)

Speaker 2

Humme jo balidaan deni ki zarurt padhi, toh purri dharti khoon se lal kar denge hum peeche nahi hatenge. Suresh Chavhanke ke netrutva mei hum log iss ladai ko itna aage le jaenge ki purra bharat hi nahi purra vishwa hi Hindu ho jaega, Hindustan ki dharti hogi. (If we feel the need to make the sacrifice, we will make the whole earth red with blood, we will not back down. Under Suresh Chavhanke’s leadership, we will take this fight so far that not only India but the world will become Hindu, the land of Hindustan will be there.)

Purre vishwa ko vishwa guru banaege aur Hindustan usmei badi bhoomika nibhaega aur usmei Suresh Chavhanke ji ko hum apna Hindu leader ke roop mei dekhte hai. (We will make the whole world a world guru and India will play a big role in it, and we see Suresh Chavhanke ji as our Hindu leader.)

Aur hum yeh vaada karte hai Chavhanke ji se ki agar humme zarurt padhi toh ki yeh dharti hum log apne balidaano se laal kar denge. (And we promise Chavhanke ji that if we see the need, we will make this land red with our sacrifices.)

Speaker 3

Bohot sammaan karti hu mai, aadalat ji ka, maaniniye judges ka, bohot samaan karti hu. Kintu unse haath jodh kar nivedan karti hu ki who koi bhi galat karya na kare kisi ka galat tareeke se samarthan na kare. (I respect the courts and the judges very much. With folded hands, I request them not to do any wrong thing and to not support anyone in a wrong way.)

Hum Hindu rashtra banaege banaege banaege.hum pratibadh ki hum Hindu rashta banaege. (We will create a Hindu nation, we will form a Hindu nation. We are determined that we will become a Hindu nation.)

The video can be viewed here: 



Speaker 4

Iss dhara se aasmaan tak bas ek yahi kaam hoga, Hindu Rashtra ka nirmaan hoga. Aur jo iss Rashtra nirmaan ke beech mei aega, who bemaut mara jaega.  Aur mai Suresh Chavhanke ka saath hu, aur humari samasth team Rashtriya Hindu Raksha Dal ki, unke saath thi aur rahega. (This will be the only task that will be done by the sky from this stream, the creation of a Hindu rashtra will be done. And whoever comes in the midst of this nation-building will be killed.  And I am with Suresh Chavhanke, and our collective team of Rashtriya Hindu Raksha Dal was and will remain with him.)

Agar un par kisi ne aankh bhi uthaya toh uski aankhein nikal li jaengi. Aur unko giraftaar kiya toh purr aka purra rashtra jo hai jaam ho jaega. (Even if someone raises an eye on them, their eyes will be removed. And if he is arrested, the nation will be jammed.)

The video can be viewed here:



Previously, a video of Suraj Pal Amu addressing a large audience was also reported by Sabrangand can be heard saying, “If anybody touches Suresh Chavhanke, will we let them? (audience shouts NO). If anybody harasses Suresh Chavhanke, will you spare him? (Audience shouts NO). If anybody stops us from making a Hindu Rashtra, will you spare him? (Audience shouts NO). Suresh Chavhanke is not alone.” No action has been taken against him yet.



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