Tablighi Jamaat members attacked in Beed

Verbally abused, beards and skull caps pulled, minority community members recall being beaten within an inch of their lives


You do not deserve to live in Hindustan, you cannot live here – these caustic words were used against four Tablighi Jamaat members by assailants on the night of September 16 in Maharashtra’s Beed district, reported

The four men; Suhail Tamboli, Aslam Ather, Sayyed Layak and Nizamuddin Qazi, were travelling to Ambajogai village from Dharur when a group of six people allegedly attacked the travellers and their already broken-down car in Hol village. Of the six assailants, Assistant Police Inspector Anand Zote from the Yusuf Wadgaon police station said Narayan Dhanraj Ghuge and Rahul Tukaram Ghuge have been arrested.

Meanwhile, Tamboli who was beaten unconscious, said that the assailants intended to kill him and his friends that night. The travellers were ruthlessly beaten and verbally abused for 40 minutes late in the night. Tamboli was hit on the head twice by a brick and beaten by a stick until it broke. Ather was punched and attacked by sticks.

The incident took place soon after two men on a bike drove up to the broken-down car and began verbally abusing Ather and Qazi. Tamboli and Layak had gone to get water for the parked car’s coolant. Ather and Qazi alleged the two people used communally charged language and called more people to the spot. Tamboli said that the gathered assailants pulled at their beards and skull caps. Recalling the incident, Layak said it was as though the two groups had been enemies for a long time. He and his friends were clueless to the cause of the sudden attack.

Ather and Tamboli managed to escape and hide in a nearby farm for the latter half of the incident. They watched the assailants damage the car after kicking their friends in the chest and the head. Ather claimed he heard one of the attackers say “they are dead.” The police arrived at the site an hour later.

Once the assailants left, Ather and Layak called their village and took Tamboli and Qazi to Ambejogai Government Hospital. An FIR was registered on September 17 at the Yusuf Wadgaon Police Station for charges such as attempt to murder and voluntary assault.


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