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Targeting Muslims in Ramzan: Lynching, assault, harassment mar the holy month in India

Even prior to the beginning of the month, one RSS leader had made contentious statements regarding Hindus and Muslims sharing the same ancestry, asking them to open their fast with cow milk

As the date for the general assembly election approaches, hate crimes in India continue

From Noida which witnessed a heinous beating of a reportedly Muslim man, to UP’s Badaun where a man committed the double murder of children and was soon after gunned down. Hate continues to result in crime and violence.

Ground report: Protests erupt in Assam after portrayal of Muslims as criminals in rally by Bodoland University

Protests have arisen after a cultural procession organised by its Department of Geography at the Bodoland University in Kokrajhar, Assam had depicted Muslims as criminals in their rally. Protestors demand an investigation, say student statement is not ‘enough.’

Shops reopened in Dharchula, Uttarakhand FIRs filed after calm restored: SP

Shops belonging to the minority community reopened in Dharchula town of Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand on Monday, March 18 following the intervention of the district administration.

Hate crime committed against foreign students in Gujarat University

Foreign students attacked in GU, rooms and motorcycles vandalised over namaz row

Conspiracy or Coincidence? Mosques defaced in March after spate of hate speeches provoking the crime weeks before

Provocation and crime: three separate incidents of vandalism and defacement of Mosques since January after three hate speeches calling for demolition of Mosques since January

Bodoland University’s cultural event reportedly displays Muslims as criminals escorted by police, student groups demand apology  

A cultural procession organised by its Department of History at the Bodoland University in Kokrajhar, Assam took a disturbing turn when it depicted Muslims as criminals.

15-year-old Muslim boy reportedly driven to suicide after he was humiliated and beaten by teachers

Hate crimes against minorities continue to abound as religious minorities, including Muslims, face violence across the country. From vigilante groups to school teachers and principals harassing and perpetuating anti-Muslim hate, Muslims continue to live a dangerous life.

Cop caught kicking and slapping Muslims during Friday prayer

A disturbing video has recently gone viral from Delhi's Inderpuri area, where the video captures the shocking actions of a police officer kicking and slapping Muslim men engaged in Friday prayers on the road Makki Jama Masjid.

Three Banes of India’s Muslims: Victimhood Syndrome, Power Theology, Obsession with Identity Politics

The author makes a convincing argument –based on a close study of the past century --for doses of rationality and soul-searching in the ongoing battle for minority rights and dignity, urges Indian Muslims to make their own contribution to invest in secularising India, and baldly asserts that minority communalism is no antidote to majoirtarianism

Delhi violence 2020: 4 years on, the shadow of violence lives on

It has been 4 years since the north east Delhi communal violence took place. However, the court case has seen a rocky road with several acquittals, with the court rapping the Delhi police for “shoddy investigation”, amidst all of this, the casualty continue to be the survivors of the violence.