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Bombay HC directs two police commissioners to personally examine videos of speeches delivered by BJP MLA Nitesh Rana, Geeta Jain and T. Raja Singh

The division bench remarked that it prima facie found from the speech transcript that some offence seemed to have been committed; bench also took exception to the press conference held by BJP MLA Nitesh Rane from the police commissioner’s office in Mira-Bhayander

Bombay HC grants conditional permission to BJP MLA Raja Singh for Feb 25 Mira Road-Bhayander meet, orders videotaping and ‘No Hate Speech’

Pursuant to the conditional Court order, CJP files follow-up complaint with Maharashtra police, urges officials to take necessary action; listed below are the list of offences for which Raja Singh has been charged

Mira-Road Bhayander Police rejects permission to BJP MLA T Raja Singh for rally on February 25, cites hate speeches

Yesterday, February 20 itself, Citizens for Justice & Peace had in a detailed pre-emptive complaint to the Mira Road Bhayander police pointed out not just the antecedents of the organisation and speaker, but also a slew of judgements of the Supreme Court directing the Maharashtra police in particular to take stern and pre-emotive steps to prevent provocative hate speech and resultant stigmatisation of minorities and violence. CJP moved to file the complaint after Singh released a video on social media calling people in large numbers to join his ‘Hindu Jan Aakrosh’ rally on February 25

Chhattisgarh & Maharashtra: SC directs police to ensure no hate speech by BJP MLA Raja Singh & Hindu Jan Jagruti Samiti rallies

Even after the bench accepted that some of the speeches delivered by Singh previously were “certainly objectionable”, they refused to decline to stop the rallies, take pre-emptive action

Hate speech surges again, BJP leaders among many who stoke communal fires

There has been a spate of hate speeches, each evoking reportedly shared anti-minority sentiments by stoking tropes of large Muslim neighbourhoods, cow slaughter, “love-jihad”

Telangana State Elections: Polarising voters doesn’t yield results for BJP, key leaders lose seats

Only serial hate speaker T. Raja Singh able to retain his seat, taste of defeat on four seats for the party

Notorious hate speech offender T Raja Singh has another case filed against him

A new case has been registered against T Raja Singh, BJP’s notorious hate speech offender and third time candidate from Hyderabad’s Goshamahal constituency. Citizens for Justice and Peace has recently lodged 2 complaints on account of him violating Model Codes of Conduct this year. The ECI has responded to the complaints on November 18 and has stated that it is taking the appropriate action required.

BJP MLA T Raja Singh delivers hate speech during election rally, CJP approaches Election Commission again!

Singh made anti-Muslim statements, targeted the opposition leader by promoting stereotypes against Muslims and issued threats against those planning to vote against him

CJP moves central and state election commission against BJP MLA T. Raja Singh’s conduct

T. Raja Singh, BJP’s electoral candidate from Ghoshamahal constituency of Hyderabad, wrote letters and gave speeches urging non-inclusion of non-Hindus in Garba events, promoted discrimination based on religion and encouraged violence

BJP lifts suspension on T. Raja Singh, a frequent hate offender, gives him a ticket: Telangana

T Raja Singh, “suspended” by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for his vitriolic comments on Prophet Muhammed last year, has not only been re-instated on the eve of the state polls in Telangana but given a ticket to contest; news of Singh issuing letters with some exclusivist content around ongoing Garba events meanwhile have also surfaced; this article traces the hate-filled track record of this BJP candidate from Telangana

Hate Speech: T Raja Singh attempts to incite hate in Rajasthan

A repeat offender, T Raja Singh continues to deliver hate speeches with impunity in Rajasthan while law enforcers and social media companies look away.