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Tamil Nadu sets example of communal harmony amidst a polarised country

Muslims in Tiruppur district have made a donation of land worth 6 lakh for a temple in Tamil Nadu. They also collaborated 30,000 for a temple feast held in its inauguration.

Month long NGO campaign launched against frenzy of organized communalism in India

A month-long campaign of a multitude of online and offline events  called Jana Gana Mana Abhiyan has been launched in an effort to re-vitalize citizens who take pride in India’s rich, diverse, plural cultural heritage and work towards a society based on constitutional values. 

Uplifting Tales of Compassion: Acts of cattle caring illuminate the human spirit’s triumph amidst hate

As instances of hate violence related to cows are witnessed across the country, there seems to be little hope for the cow to be featured as a symbol of harmony

Hate speech does not mar everyday harmony in poll-pound Rajasthan

In the wake of a systemic right-wing hate agenda to polarise the public during the upcoming assembly elections, we must not forget the everyday reality of Hindu-Muslim harmony

‘Insaniyat’: brave Hindu landlord defends Muslim shop owners and workers, show of harmony in the midst of division

A violent mob of far-right members was vandalizing Muslim-owned shops in Uttarakhand town

The real Kerala story

My wife and I were visiting the grave of...

Even as Manipur burns, humanity thrives

Two communities clashing on the ground, with mobs on the rampage did not stop Kuki women from protecting the Meiteis and helping them get away from the angry mob, shows a ground report

An unusual Pilgrimage, Reclaiming Hindusim from Hindutva: Hindus for Human Rights

Hindus for Human Rights undertook a pilgrimage to seek out voices for peace and dialogue from among the Hindu faith; they met with appreciation but apprehension and fear among many who seek peace

Three Rams—Amma’s Iftar that celebrates them all

Saturday evening, April 8 saw a unique Iftar second year running, that was Amma Srinivasan and her family’s firm response to Ram Navami hate: Bengaluru

Paving a path for a more tolerant India, Muslim woman is seen offering Namaz in a Gurudwara

This showcase of religious harmony was reported from a Gurudwara in Indore

Gujarat 1992: Hindus who saved a dargah in Surat

‘Ram & Rahim are same’: For over two years, Muslims and local families have started coming to the dargah that has been protected by Hindu families for over 30 years; Hindus also arrange free tea, water, and food for Muslims visiting the dargah