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CJP Assam’s teams legal triumphs in 2023

A total of 18 success stories in 2023 alone, with all being declared Indian by Assam’s Foreigners Tribunal through the year. But what does it take, for a paralegal and legal team to achieve this? CJP’s Team Assam, as this detailed document reveals shows grit and dedication in collating and submitting authentic documents, presenting cogent Written Statements and finally vital Witnesses, in person!

CJP Impact! NBDSA takes action on New18’s communal debate show, slams fine of Rs. 25,000

The program made contentious statements about Muslims entering Garba Pandals, had praised the Gujarat Police for publicly flogging Muslim men

News 18 India fined Rs.50,000 for airing communally divisive debate show: NBDSA

The Authority has warned the channel against airing such communal content and directed strict compliance with displaying its order on the channel every hour, for 24 hours

Citizens demand CM Eknath Shinde prevents & prosecutes Hate Offenders: Maharashtra

A public petition is inviting signatures of concerned citizens demanding action of the state government against hate speech. Javed Akhtar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Kumar Ketkar, Tushar Gandhi among signatories

Memo seeking preventive action against Hindu Janajagruti Samiti event sent to authorities

A preemptive memorandum has been sent to District Collector and SP, Ratnagiri as well as Lok Sabha member, Vinayak Bhaurao Raut

Concerns raised over Sakal Hindu Samaj proposed event in Baramati

CJP has written to Maharashtra Police seeking preventive action the February 9 event and rally where Kalicharan Maharaj and Shankar Gaikar are invited as speakers

Five more ‘love jihad’ laws challenged before SC

The apex court had issued notice when CJP had challenged the anti-conversion laws of UP, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in 2021

TN Dalit Youth Suicide: CJP seeks protection for victim’s family

In a letter to the DGP and SP details have been given about the incident that took place in December

Times Now channel pulled up for communal report on “Zameen Jihad” in Haldwani

The program gave a skewed account that portrayed Muslims who were protesting the eviction order as adversaries of the State

NCST: Rajasthan Police asked to submit report in lynching of Adivasi man

CJP had filed a complaint with the NCST and sought monitoring of the investigation of the case

How CJP defended the citizenship of Jamila and Usha in Assam

For years the two widows, one Hindu and the other Muslim had battled false accusations of being Bangladeshis