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Tamil Nadu sets example of communal harmony amidst a polarised country

Muslims in Tiruppur district have made a donation of land worth 6 lakh for a temple in Tamil Nadu. They also collaborated 30,000 for a temple feast held in its inauguration.

Heartrending tales of communal harmony amidst polarised times

Narratives of violence and political polarisation are rife in the news, however are all ordinary Indians hostile to interfaith interactions? These incidents remind us that they are not.

Haryana’s farmers’ Mahapanchayat: Fostering unity across communities, vowing for communal harmony

A farmer’s assembly in Baas village, Hisar, sends a resounding message of unity, vowing to protect social harmony and condemn divisive actions.

Don’t invite enmity with friends: Ex MP Hussain Dalwai to M’tra’s Muslim youth!

Exhorting Muslims not to get provoked with the singular and vicious agenda of Hindutva outfits promoted by the present government, Dalwai writes: Most Hindus in not only Maharashra, but in the whole country, are even today working hard to maintain Hindu-Muslim unity. Incidents like what happened in Kolhapur will create trouble for those who believe in communal harmony. Those who are instigating Muslims in the name of religion are not the saviours of Muslims, they are in fact their enemies...

‘Insaniyat’: brave Hindu landlord defends Muslim shop owners and workers, show of harmony in the midst of division

A violent mob of far-right members was vandalizing Muslim-owned shops in Uttarakhand town

Tales of love: Choosing humanity over religion in 2022

When hate sells, it is tales of everyday harmony that get lost in the clamour for blood. It is such stories of fraternity that not only bring a ‘feel-good’ factor in our daily news, but reaffirm the Indian people’s basic commitment to co-existence, pluralism and tolerance

Members of Ganpati Visarjan procession pay respect to mosque

The procession switched the music from Hindu bhajans to Islamic devotional songs while passing by a mosque

DUJ announces Committee for Communal Harmony to battle hate

The Union demands immediate arrest of the hate mongers who assaulted seven journalists who were covering the Hindu Mahapanchayat

Gandhi’s contribution to Communal Harmony

First published on:  23 Aug 2019It is well known...

Nuh: People’s Conference for Communal Harmony

The incident that prompted this conference was the brutal murder of a young man, Asif

Festivals: Occasions for spreading communal harmony in India

India's Tryst With Destiny has been overwrought with the legacy of violent bloodshed and communal disharmony of Partition, leaving behind scars which we have neither been able to completely comprehend, nor heal, to this day.