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The sound of music

This was an exclusive in depth interview done in 2008, 16 years ago with the indomitable Ameen Sayani who passed on February 20,2024 at the ripe old age of 91. Teesta Setalvad speaks to Ameen Sayani about the 4 decades old journey in politics, music and life with nuggets of India’s freedom struggle in which Sayani’s mother was a close associate of Gandhiji. A product of the New Era school Mumbai, Sayani’s is a tale more precious in the re-telling

Lord Rama Anantatma & Anantaroopa: He who is the Infinite Soul & who has infinite forms

This article is a letter, the fourth of a series, addressed to Lord Rama. The author engages in a conversation with the Lord, discussing His infinite essence and what it means to the author to embrace the diversity of His stories and worshipping traditions.

Eid Mubarak: Mussalmans & a United Nation- India

First published on: 11 Nov 2016The Musalmans and a United...

A Malyalee festival that is not about killing, one that connects us to the earth: Vishu

Vishu, a festival of harvest, celebrated world over by Malyalees (Malyalis), is also the first day according to the Malyalam month, Medam, when the Sun reached the equator

Fireworks and Firearms: The Festival of Lights in the Mughal Court

"With the aroma of honey and almond wafting through the heavy air of decadence, the kufuri-shama casting silhouettes of a glorious past, and Nazeer Akbarabadi’s nazms resonating with a sense of coexistence, the last Mughal Diwalis were a curious confluence of tears and laughter."

Chhatt Puja: By the People, For the People

Year after year, people in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and...

Young Sindhi Artists re-trace their roots: Sindhustan, Sindhi Boondi

Artists like Gitanjali Kalro and Sapna Bhavnani are doing...

Remembering Kashmiriyat, One Month, Eight Days after a Clampdown

Poetry reflects the pain and sufferings of the ValleyThe...

O GANESHA! – Part 2

Communalism Combat published this two part cover story on...

Premchand Jayanti: Growing Up With Premchand’s Stories

31st July is the Premchand Jayanti. The greatest of...

Ajeeb Aadmi Tha Woh: Remembering Kaifi Azmi on his 17th death anniversary

Kaifi Azmi was a romantic, revolutionary, contrarian and rebel....