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Majoritarian Nationalism: Undermining Scientific Temper

With Hindu Nationalist BJP in the saddle of power from the last one decade there has been a deliberate promotion of a pattern of policy making in education, which...

Education for a Hindu Rashtra: UGC-NCERT pushing a divisive agenda

As the ruling party is close to completing two...

Recent reports suggest that higher education enrolment in Muslims continues to decline

Recent reports by government agencies and officials have revealed fresh data and insights that indicate, that Muslim educational enrolment continues to face a steep decline

While Modi plays the OBC card, backward castes & Adivasis remain excluded from Central University

The premier educational institutes of the country continue to exclude marginalised communities. According to the latest figures, the constitutionally-mandated reservation policies are not fully implemented in 45 central universities. 

Parenting in an Age of Unreason

There was a time when India’s history and social science official texts though burdened with a slew of dates and events in a top down linear narrative nevertheless celebrated the reality of the evolution of a rich and diverse civilizational ethos. Today, the corrosive power of exclusion and hate runs deep: eleven days ago, April 14, reports of a deeply-disturbing incident caused concern on social media but was met with a deafening silence by India’s political class: an 11-year-old boy was allegedly thrashed and stripped simply to pressurise him into “chanting religious slogans” in Madhya Pradesh's Indore. That is how deep of hate flows now in India’s veins

‘Rationalisation’ of Text books or Communalisation of the Polity?

Representation ImageText books of schools are also a site...

Jyotiba Phule’s Trenchant Critique of Caste: Gulamgiri

First Published on: 11 Apr 2016   On his 189th Birth...

More than 30 lakh Indian students went abroad for higher studies in 6 years: UoI

A sharp increase by 68 per cent has been seen in students going abroad in 2022 as compared to previous years

No proposal for affirmative action in education or employment for transgenders: Govt

Regardless of the progressive steps taken by the courts to ensure opportunities for the community, the govt. remains blind, unmoved

Love-Letters like no other

From India‘s Forgotten Feminist,  Savitribai Phule to life partner Jyotiba

62% of dropped out Odisha children tribals, 53% said none conselled them to rejoin

The Odisha government launched a Learning Recovery Programme to...