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BJP MLA threatens “JCB Bulldozer” if voters don’t vote for BJP

A BJP MLA from Assam, campaigning for BJP candidate Kripanath Mallah in Karimganj, has stirred controversy with a statement threatening to use bulldozers to evict people who do not vote for his party.

Bombay HC directs two police commissioners to personally examine videos of speeches delivered by BJP MLA Nitesh Rana, Geeta Jain and T. Raja Singh

The division bench remarked that it prima facie found from the speech transcript that some offence seemed to have been committed; bench also took exception to the press conference held by BJP MLA Nitesh Rane from the police commissioner’s office in Mira-Bhayander

Targeting Muslims in Ramzan: Lynching, assault, harassment mar the holy month in India

Even prior to the beginning of the month, one RSS leader had made contentious statements regarding Hindus and Muslims sharing the same ancestry, asking them to open their fast with cow milk

Bittu Bajrangi arrested after beating man in front of police

Bittu Bajrangi was arrested by the Haryana Police after he beat a Hindu man in front of the police. He had been beating the man because he thought he was a Muslim.

CJP pursues Maharashtra police authorities to register cases in the incidents of hate speech delivered this year at various rallies across the state

Detailed complaints to the police against Kajal Hindustani, Raja Singh, and Nitesh Rane invoking recent directions of the Supreme Court, for their hate speeches targeting Muslim citizens, spreading fake conspiracy theories and inciting hatred between communities

Bombay High Court: Plea seeking FIR against three BJP legislators for delivering hate speeches, highlights inaction by police even after Supreme Court guidelines

Through the petition, action against BJP MLAs Geeta Jain, Nitish Rane and T. Raja Singh have been urged by the court for “spreading hate speech and inciting violence”, multiple incidents of hate speech and incitement in Maharashtra highlighted

BJP’s Tathagata Roy calls for CAA procedures to conduct genitalia check to confirm religion

The TMC has called Roy’s words vulgar and against Bengal and its people. Roy, the former state president of the BJP, known to make controversial statements, has stood by his words despite the furore.

As the date for the general assembly election approaches, hate crimes in India continue

From Noida which witnessed a heinous beating of a reportedly Muslim man, to UP’s Badaun where a man committed the double murder of children and was soon after gunned down. Hate continues to result in crime and violence.

Conspiracy or Coincidence? Mosques defaced in March after spate of hate speeches provoking the crime weeks before

Provocation and crime: three separate incidents of vandalism and defacement of Mosques since January after three hate speeches calling for demolition of Mosques since January

Another case filed against T Raja Singh as he calls for fighting war against religious conversion

In a recent speech in Karnataka made on March 4, Singh reportedly made incendiary comments against Muslims in India as he called them slurs and reportedly asked Hindus to rise against them.

Hindu Jan Akrosh rally in Mumbai sees conspiracy theories against Muslims

The rally organised by the Sakal Hindu Samaj took place last weekend and saw BJP Leader Nitesh Rane, amongst others, make speech calling out ‘Jihadis’ and accusing people of bringing in ‘Bangladeshis’, and ‘Rohingya’ to conduct riots.