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Sufidar Trust, Walajah Big Mosque: The 4 decades long tradition of Hindus serving Iftar meals to Muslims during Ramzan

As a testament of the philosophy of religious unity, a temple honouring the teachings of Sufi saint Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj Sahib by preparing Iftar meals for 1200 Muslims

The real Kerala story

My wife and I were visiting the grave of...

All religions gather for peace march in Malad-Malwani in Mumbai

During a Ram Navami procession, some stone pelting was reported from this area in Mumbai and to counter that, people from all religious communities gathered

Red for blood, love and Ramzan

The author, an activist and lawyer recounts her personal experience of shared pain among Hindus and Muslims, even as Gujarat and India are now coloured with the poison of hate

Gujarat 1992: Hindus who saved a dargah in Surat

‘Ram & Rahim are same’: For over two years, Muslims and local families have started coming to the dargah that has been protected by Hindu families for over 30 years; Hindus also arrange free tea, water, and food for Muslims visiting the dargah

Kerala man takes on 300 km journey in a wheelchair to pray for a Muslim teacher

Kannan in a wheel chair. Photo: Times of India.Its...

Tales of love: Choosing humanity over religion in 2022

When hate sells, it is tales of everyday harmony that get lost in the clamour for blood. It is such stories of fraternity that not only bring a ‘feel-good’ factor in our daily news, but reaffirm the Indian people’s basic commitment to co-existence, pluralism and tolerance

How little Arshad held on to Priyanka’s fingers when the bridge collapsed in Morbi

Neighbours, close in life, found dead together in the Morbi tragedy.

Visakhapatnam: Muslims serve food to devotees of Ayyappa

Image courtesy: Times of IndiaVISAKHAPATNAM: Setting yet another example...

Muslims donate to renovate Hindu temple in Gujarat

Minority community members help with event management during a three-day yagna, also offer free beverages to devotees