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The Significance of Male Reformist Ijtihad on Gender Issues in Advancing Gender Affirmative Interpretations of Islam

Historically, Gender-Affirmative Interpretations Were Often Dismissed By Conservative-Minded Male Scholars As Feminist Or Subjective Products Of Female Identity. However, Male Reformist Scholars Challenge This Narrative By Providing A Male Perspective On Gender Equality Within Islam.

Attempts to reform Muslim thought have always met with fierce resistance

Muslims have a very rigid notion of religion that prevents them from reform

No SC quota for Dalits converting to Islam & Christianity to contest elections: Centre to RS

However, Dalits adopting other faiths could contest elections from SC reserved seats

The Secular onslaught on the Muslim public psyche

 As I write this piece, the public discourse is...

Zakir Naik Showcases the Rot within Islamic Theology

Image Courtesy:economictimes.indiatimes.comFor the Rwala Bedouins of Northern Arabia, heaven...

Can Islam and Homosexuality be Reconciled?

There seems to a consensus within Islamic theology that...

Badruddin Ajmal is wrong, Islam encourages family planning

In response to the Assam government’s recent decision against providing government jobs to people having more than two children, All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Maulana Badruddin Ajmal has said Muslims will continue to produce children and they will not listen to anyone. The maulana from Assam is merely reiterating the conviction of many among the ulema in India that Islam is opposed to family planning. However, basing herself on the Quran, Hadith and the Shariah, activist-scholar Qutub Jahan Kidwai, debunks such claim

Communal violence across borders: Riots erupt in Bangladesh over Facebook post about Islam

A derogatory remark against Prophet Muhammad prompted scores of...

The Curious Case of RSS’ Praise for Dara ‘Shukoh’

In this episode of Present, Past and the Future,...

Economic distress cause for political distress; Modi ‘needs’ new diversion: Conversion

Some years ago late J Jayalailthaa, then chief minister...

Endgame for Zakir Naik?

The televangelist and his Salafi brand of Islam can...