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Haldwani minorities fear deaths to be higher than official figures, narrate tales of police brutality & complicity: Fact-finding report

Several testimonies before the fact-finding team narrated the administration’s targeted attack on the evening of February 8, when officers arrived with bulldozers, sanitation workers and large police “protection” to demolition the mosque and madrasa “despite the matter being sub-judice;” today, Haldwani’s Banbhoolpura area suffers in silence as connectivity is cut with the outside world

How hate spills onto physical targeted attacks on the streets: August 2023, India

From Assam to Haryana, incidents of hate against minorities flood the news

Hate-speech deployed by right-wing groups demanding UCC, Population Control Bill

Rallies organised by Hindutva organisations use divisive rhetoric and conspiracy theories about Muslims and Christians

Women are the majority beneficiaries of World Bank-funded minority scholarships

The scheme emanating from this scholarship, benefits the youth who are school dropouts or those educated in institutions like Madrasas

Review of 2022: A year of discrimination & violence experienced by India’s religious minorities

Religious minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, have experienced persistent stigmatisation and attack, with governments and law enforcement complicit in a culture of impunity

Remove scurrilous remarks against minority religions, SC tells Ashwini Upadhay: petition against ‘mass coversions’

A bench of Justices MR Shah and Ravinndra Bhat also stated that they would consider all interventions, those filed by Kerala Rationalist Association, some Christian organisations including activist John Dayal and former planning commission member Dr Syeda Hameed

Bangladesh: Mass strike called on October 23 to protest attacks on minorities

Bangladeshis stand in solidarity with their Hindu compatriots, even as violence against the minority community continues in places

Uttar Pradesh: Who are these Hindutva mobs prowling the streets, targeting minorities?

Over a dozen were targeted on Sunday, including two nuns, mobs accused them of conversion, thrashed, and marched them to police station

Police firing in Assam: Illegal and unforgivable

The law rarely holds the police accountable for Human right violations, but excessive use of power leaves the door open for prosecution. However, the judicial will to hold the police accountable is scarce and police brutality continues

Is the Assam CM’s push for a “two-child policy” a tactic to exclude minorities?

While he tried to soften the blow by condemning the vilification of the community, Himanta Biswa Sarma’s agenda overwhelmingly alienates people from minority backgrounds

Canadian legislator honoured for standing up for Kashmir and minorities in India

Ravi Kahlon has written to the United Nations on behalf of his constituents, raising concerns about the plight of their relatives in Kashmir asking for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the region