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Medieval India: Indo-Islamic Architecture is an amalgam of cultures, not at war with each other

Historical periods are neither all violence, not all peace. Examples of temples and mosques all over India depict a fascinating movement of knowledge, trade and know how between the kingdoms, irrespective of their religion. They are examples and testament to both Hindu and Muslims adopting each other’s styles and trying to intermingle.

40 mosques to be covered in plastic sheets ahead of Holi to ‘maintain peace’

Mosques along a Holi procession route are being covered so people do not hurl any objectionable projectiles at them, and disturb communal amity, says gov't

Bihar: BJP victory procession allegedly attacks local mosque

An impromptu victory procession turns violent when BJP members at Jamua village in Bihar attack a local mosque following a verbal disagreement.

Mumbai police book five for allegedly gathering at mosque during Covid-19 lockdown

It was reported that 70 people had gathered at the mosque for a discussion on distribution of essential commodities

Mosques turned into Temples, the other side of history

Every now and then a local community “leader with...

Mosque offered as Covid-19 quarantine facility in Pune

Renowned educationist and philanthropist P A Inamdar says it is time to put religious philosophy into practice and serve humanity

Masjid Parichay’ – Mumbai mosque invites non-Muslims to combat misconceptions

The initiative by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is aimed at eradicating...

The Story of ‘Two Temples’ and Mid-day Meal

At one place, they demolished a mosque and are...

Roots of Mass Murder in New Zealand

The attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand,...