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Pakistan: an ailing democracy

Will the people of Pakistan succeed in reclaiming democracy and saving their country from what many believe is a journey from a 'rogue state' to a 'failed state'?

Pakistan: Bheel family tortured, for fetching drinking water from mosque

Attackers reportedly related to a local Parliamentarian of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, police has not even registered a case 

Should India applaud Pak’s move to rebuild one Hindu temple demolished by mobs?

Pak will rebuild one destroyed Hindu temple, what is its plan for tribals, Christians, Sikhs, Hindu’s targeted in other provinces?

Mob vandalises, sets ablaze Hindu temple in Pakistan

Indian right-wingers try use it as excuse to further pro-CAA agenda

Daniel Pearl Beheading: Pak court orders release of Omar Sheikh and aides

The Sindh High Court held their detention to be null and void and that they have been in prison for 18 years without committing any crime

Pakistan: At least 7 killed, 70 injured in blast at Peshawar Madrassa

The blast took place in a seminary during a Quran class, around 8 AM after an unidentified man left a bag in the study hall

Pakistan: Goddess Durga’s idol vandalised in Sindh during Navratri

Temple was vandalised, and the idol of Goddess Durga was desecrated in this communal attack in Nagarparkar area of Pakistan’s Sindh province

Pakistan Now Turns on Its Shia Citizens

Pakistan recently saw one of the largest demonstrations against...

Will Imran Government Arrest the Man Who Tutored His 4-Year Son to Threaten Hindus?

Recently, the Imran Khan led Pakistani government had approved...

Delhi elections: What’s Pak got to do with it?

The filth is growing day by day and the...