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Conspiracy or Coincidence? Mosques defaced in March after spate of hate speeches provoking the crime weeks before

Provocation and crime: three separate incidents of vandalism and defacement of Mosques since January after three hate speeches calling for demolition of Mosques since January

Notorious hate speech offender T Raja Singh has another case filed against him

A new case has been registered against T Raja Singh, BJP’s notorious hate speech offender and third time candidate from Hyderabad’s Goshamahal constituency. Citizens for Justice and Peace has recently lodged 2 complaints on account of him violating Model Codes of Conduct this year. The ECI has responded to the complaints on November 18 and has stated that it is taking the appropriate action required.

BJP MLA T Raja Singh delivers hate speech during election rally, CJP approaches Election Commission again!

Singh made anti-Muslim statements, targeted the opposition leader by promoting stereotypes against Muslims and issued threats against those planning to vote against him

BJP lifts suspension on T. Raja Singh, a frequent hate offender, gives him a ticket: Telangana

T Raja Singh, “suspended” by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for his vitriolic comments on Prophet Muhammed last year, has not only been re-instated on the eve of the state polls in Telangana but given a ticket to contest; news of Singh issuing letters with some exclusivist content around ongoing Garba events meanwhile have also surfaced; this article traces the hate-filled track record of this BJP candidate from Telangana

Hate Speech: T Raja Singh attempts to incite hate in Rajasthan

A repeat offender, T Raja Singh continues to deliver hate speeches with impunity in Rajasthan while law enforcers and social media companies look away.

Serial hate mongering T. Raja Singh delivers communally charged speech at Telangana, targets Muslims

Referring to the controversial movie Kerala Stories, Singh urges Hindus to beware of Muslim women

T. Raja Singh, a BJP MLA with a history of communal speeches, delivers another anti-Muslim speech

During his speech in Kota, Singh did not even leave Maharana Pratap's history alone, instead using it to justify violence.

CJP files complaint against suspended BJP MLA T. Raja Singh in SEC, Karnataka for delivering anti-Muslim hate speeches at BJP rallies

CJP has sought swift action, passing of necessary strictures a bar on Singh from giving any speeches, as well a direction for an unconditional public apology.

Maharashtra: Hate Campaigns led by Raja Singh & Kalicharan continue to go unchecked

Nanded in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region witnesses one more hate event where a legislator, Raja Singh and controversial religious scion, Kalicharan gave overtly Islamophobic speeches, calling for violence and no FIRs are filed even as a Muslim individual is arrested for protesting the hate

Crossing all limits, BJP MLA, T. Raja Singh calls for genocide & economic boycott of Muslims: Maharashtra

Singh, a serial hate offender, threatens Muslims who oppose the establishment of Hindu Rashtra with dire consequences, accusing them of "Land-Jihad," "Love-Jihad," and receiving money in exchange for trapping Hindu women