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Tamil Nadu sets example of communal harmony amidst a polarised country

Muslims in Tiruppur district have made a donation of land worth 6 lakh for a temple in Tamil Nadu. They also collaborated 30,000 for a temple feast held in its inauguration.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Shamil, شامِل, to walk together is to live together

The Religious Diversity Walk organised through the World Heritage Week in Ahmedabad by a city-based new platform called Saanjhi Virasat (Composite heritage) was facilitated by Bhavna Ramrakhiani and Jitendra Singh Rajput

Diwali has been celebrated by Muslims for centuries

Syncretism of Diwali- How Mughal emperors celebrated Diwali and contemporary Muslims celebrate today

Barabanki prison celebrates the revered month of Ramzan!

Is it possible to change the dynamics of a prison through religious harmony? Barabanki jail sets a benchmark for such ideals!

Countering hate thru’ spreading #EverydayHarmony the CJP Way: Int’l Day against Hate Speech

In the face of escalating acts of hatred, CJP uses social media to share uplifting, real life stories and perspectives, traditions, and historical incidents

‘Insaniyat’: brave Hindu landlord defends Muslim shop owners and workers, show of harmony in the midst of division

A violent mob of far-right members was vandalizing Muslim-owned shops in Uttarakhand town

Serious times, grave challenges: India 2023

I suggest a new civic movement needs emerge with the aim of defending the Constitution and democratic institutions. Human rights defenders, activists and the people, who respect the Constitution should come to gather to fight to secure it to emerge victorious over the menace that hovers above us all.

Diverse Nation Needs Diverse Battles to Save it, Say Civil Society Activists

Intellectuals, former civil servants, historians, economists, and academicians came together on the 20th anniversary of the formation of Anhad, a civil society group, at Constitution Club in New Delhi on Saturday.

A Malyalee festival that is not about killing, one that connects us to the earth: Vishu

Vishu, a festival of harvest, celebrated world over by Malyalees (Malyalis), is also the first day according to the Malyalam month, Medam, when the Sun reached the equator

Gujarat 1992: Hindus who saved a dargah in Surat

‘Ram & Rahim are same’: For over two years, Muslims and local families have started coming to the dargah that has been protected by Hindu families for over 30 years; Hindus also arrange free tea, water, and food for Muslims visiting the dargah

Tales of love: Choosing humanity over religion in 2022

When hate sells, it is tales of everyday harmony that get lost in the clamour for blood. It is such stories of fraternity that not only bring a ‘feel-good’ factor in our daily news, but reaffirm the Indian people’s basic commitment to co-existence, pluralism and tolerance