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Report card: BJP and crimes against women

The BJP’s track record on women issues has not been great in the past, especially on cases of violence against women. As Prajwal Revanna, MP from Karnataka in alliance with the BJP, seems to evade justice, Sabrang India takes a look at BJP’s past record with crimes against women.

Standing Strong: CJP aids Dalit woman labelled as ‘Doubtful Citizen’

Marginalised, struck with poverty, Assam woman from a Dalit community on the verge of despair as citizenship crisis looms over her

Assam eviction drive compels evicted women to take drastic steps

Women were compelled to strip as the second round of eviction in a year was attempted to take place at Silsako, Assam.

Sky is the Limit: Invaluable contribution made by women scientist in moon mission

Chandrayan 3 a success due to Ritu Karidhal Srivastava, Kalpana K., and many other women scientists, symbolises India's space prowess and the growing role of women in space exploration, paves way for young minds

Menstrual health of women in shambles: Surveys highlight need for inclusive and accessible healthcare services

Survey of women from the Northeast reveal 98% of women suffer from issues related to their menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health; survey of women in Srinagar revealed 60% of women still relied on cloth for their menstrual health care

Staggering 35 % vacancies, only 10 % women directors in public sector bank management boards

In recent years, whenever Parliament sessions are held, the...

Karnataka: Woman beaten, dragged out of temple, shows CCTV

While some publications have claimed she was a Dalit, the Police have denied the same

Women, Sick & Infirm may get bail under PMLA: Delhi HC

In a recent judgement, stringent bail conditions under the draconian law for such accused were relaxed

Supreme Court hears more petitions on NRC Assam deportation, grants protection to petitioners

Directing that no coercive action is to be taken in the dozen deportation cases, the Supreme Court bench seeks reply from the Assam Government on excluding the names of the petitioners

UPSC Civil Services 2021: Three women top the exam, results of Muslims worst in a decade

While three women have topped the exam, the overall performance of Muslim candidates in the civil services 2021 exams is worse than that over the past 12 years

Women construction workers fear job loss, suffer silently amidst growing pollution

A local NGO talks to nearly 400 workers to raise awareness and understand women’s experience regarding air pollution