Tailors in Odisha face unprecedented demand for burqas amid Covid-19

Burqas are now being sold at prices ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500 in the state


As the world continues to reel under the effects of Coronavirus pandemic, tailors in Odisha are working day and night to meet the unexpected rise in the demand of burqas post its outbreak, reported The Indian Express.

In an unexpected consequence of the the Covid-19 pandemic that has infected over 4 lakh people globally, the demands for burqas have increased manifold in the state, with the outfit almost being seen as protective gear in the absence of masks which are currently in shortage in the state.

Tailors in Kendrapara, Odisha, have received hundreds of orders of burqas amid this crisis. The demand has also escalated burqa costs with each burqa being sold at exorbitant prices ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500. At least 10 tailors of Kendrapara town and other nearby areas said that due to the lockdown imposed by the government, they are now busy stitching burqas from their homes to meet the demand.

Sk. Akbar, a tailor in Tendakuda told The Times of India, “Many Muslim women have resorted to wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves. For the women, the burqa acts as a natural defence against germ-carrying droplets. Most burqas even have a net lining for the eyes, so the demand for the garment has spiked.”

Mohammad Sahid, a tailor from Kendrapara who mentioned that tailors are working day and night to cash in on the situation said, “We stitch different sized burqas for women and girls. Usually they sell at dismal prices. Sales are ordinarily slack, except during Eid and the marriage season. But Covid-19 has boosted the sales of burqas like nothing else.”

Tailors across the town mentioned that many do not know how to stitch burqas as it is a seasonal business due to which not many are employed in the trade. This is why experienced tailors have now hiked tailoring prices in-order to cash in from the demand. 




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