Targeted killings, govt neglect compels migration of Kashmiri Pandit families from Valley

Attacks on life and property and a climate of insecurity and fear have now pushed another 9 families to flea says the Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti (KPSS)

kashmiri panditsImage courtesy: PTI

With intensified targeted terror attacks and a number of killings recently, 10 Kashmiri Pandit families have left their village in Shopian district in south Kashmir out of fear and reached Jammu. The residents of Choudharygund reportedly said the recent terrorist attacks have triggered a fear psychosis among the Pandits who lived in Kashmir through the most difficult period of terrorism in 1990s and did not leave their homes. Pleas for increased security cover and a redressal of a string of grievances from the central government controlled administration have met with stony silence.

Kashmiri Pandit Puran Krishan Bhat was gunned down by terrorists outside his ancestral house in Choudharygund village of Shopian district on October 15. On October 18, Monish Kumar and Ram Sagar were killed in a grenade attack by terrorists while they were asleep in their rented accommodation in Shopian. “Ten families comprising 35 to 40 Kashmiri Pandits have migrated out of our village due to the fear psychosis,” a resident of Choudharygund village who faced a death threat recently told PTI. He said the village was now empty.

“The situation is not conducive for us to live in Kashmir Valley. We live in fear due to killings. There is no security for us,” another villager said. The villagers alleged a police post was set up away from their village even though they repeatedly sought protection.

They said they have left everything in their houses, even the recent harvest of apples. Those who have reached Jammu are living with their relatives. President of the KPSS, Sanjay Tickoo has circulated links of this Video that speaks of the sorry plight of this neglected minority in the Valley.

Both the Telegraph and the NewIndian Express have reported on the small exodus.


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