Targeting free choice in marriage, ‘Love Jihad’ clause likely in bill to ban polygamy: Assam

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New Delhi: PTI reports thar a bill to ban polygamy will be introduced in the next session of the Assam assembly to be held in February, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said here on Friday.

This bill has been formulated after months of consultations with various individuals and organisations.

Talking to reporters recently, Sarma said, “The bill to ban polygamy will be placed on the floor of the Assam assembly which will commence from February 4.”

The chief minister had earlier said that some points would be incorporated in the bill with the objective to stop ‘love jihad’ in the state. This is clearly an indirect way to target free choice among couples across faiths snd castes choosing to co-habit.

Officials said that the state government had received as many as 149 suggestions in response to a public notice seeking feedback on the proposed law to ban the practice of marrying multiple times.

Out of these, 146 suggestions were in favour of the bill, indicating strong public support, they said. Three organisations have expressed their opposition to the bill.

The state government had issued a notice on August 21 inviting public opinion on banning polygamy.

The notice requested people to submit their views by August 30 through email or by post.

Besides, an expert committee was also formed by the state government to examine the legislative competence of the state legislature to enact such a law in Assam.

The committee submitted its report to Sarma after consultations with a number of people and organisations, affirming that the state legislature is competent to enact such a law.



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