Three instances of Bajrang Dal members breaking the law with impunity reported on a single day

MP, Haryana: Members delivered hate speeches, harassed interfaith couple, threaten to convert mosques into offices
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This week, the self-appointed guardians of Hindutva and India, the Bajrang Dal (BD) and their allied associates have been at the forefront breaking the law, harassing interfaith couples and delivering speeches where they openly claim credit to individuals and groups committing violence against minorities. The extremist Hindutva group has been leading, and provoking sections of misguided Hindu youth to participate in, agitations and committing hate crimes against the minority communities of India.

In Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, a video of a Bajrang Dal leader delivering a hate speech targeting the Muslim community and threatening to convert mosques in the district into Bajrang Dal offices has been going viral over social media. The video of the said speech was accessed by us on June 29, 2023. In his speech, the speaker said that the Bajrang Dal will not stop doing their work till the Mosques turning into offices becomes a reality.

It has been also reported that some members of the Muslim community submitted a memorandum to the police against the said speech and an FIR has also been filed. In an interview with a local news, a member of the group who submitted the memorandum can be heard saying that they want the speaker to be arrested as the statement given by him, so close to a festival of the Muslims, is especially offensive and has the potential to cause disharmony. The man from the minority further states that if there is no further action taken, they will hold protests.

The video can be viewed here:

Rashtriya Bajrang Dal (RBD) leader Munish Bhardwaj delivered a hate speech targeting Muslims and Christians in Ambala, Haryana. The video of the said speech was accessed by us on June 29, 2023. Through his speech, he spread anti-Muslim sentiments, gave an open call for violence, spread misinformation about Islam and Christianity, and spread disinformation to provoke the Hindus. The speaker spread his divisive ideology, invoked the topic of forced religious conversion and cow slaughter to instil and fear in the mind of his audience, and used anti-Muslim slurs.

The speech:

“Hindus follow the Gita, and it has been explicitly provided in the Holy book that whoever does not stand to protect their religion, they all should be shamed. Our Rashtriya Bajrang Dal will always stand up for when there will be slaughter of cows.”

“Our government needs to listen, and so does the Chief Minister of our state that considers cow vigilantes to be bad, either make laws against cow slaughter, or our Bajrangi will deal with these butchers of cows on our own.”

“In a country which used to start wars and burn Lankas if a woman was disrespected, in that same country today, our sisters are being disrespected, our brothers are getting their throats cut inside their houses…..these terrorists used to use bombs to create terror before, and now they cut the throats of our brothers.”

“It is really unfortunate to know that Tablighi Jamaat, which has its roots in many countries and is the most active in making people terrorist, has its headquarters in the capital of India. They are slowly-slowly executing their work.”

“Muslims and Christians are ready to eat the Hindus of this country.  An army of more than 4 lakh m***a-m***i are working towards breaking the Hindus. If you ask a Muslim child about what they want to do in their lives, they say that their objective in life is to convert at least one Hindu to a Muslim. Similarly, if you ask a Christian girl child as to what they want to achieve in their life, they will say the same.”

“These people say that they will take over India in a snap, 4 crore illegal Muslims have already entered our country with the aim of converting India, and the whole wide world, into Darul Islam. These people say that within 30-40 years, everything that belongs to Hindus will be theirs. They make their small children wear those topis, join Tablighi Jamaat, and show the Hindu bungalows to them saying that they will belong to Muslims.”

“We Hindus need to think and discuss about what is happening. It is the objective of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal to ensure that Hindu youth is aware about what is happening, and they take oaths to protect their country and their religion. We have spent enough time raising slogans and enough time showing Hindu Muslim brotherhood. Tell me, can those who cut the necks of our cows ever be our brothers? Can someone who stains the saree worn by our Mother India, can they ever be our brothers?”

“There is a whole political conspiracy working against Hindus. Remember, whichever minister is saying that Gita and Quran are the same, that Hindus and Muslims are brothers, they are traitors and corrupts who are working to break the Hindu unity.”

“These Muslims are only our friends till the time they become a majority in India.”

“Muslims are taught through Quran that if you kill these Hindus and these kaafirs, and then they will get to see hoors in the heaven. These prayers that they offer 5 times are also to spread hatred regarding the Hindus.”

The video can be viewed here:

In another newsreport, Haryana Bajrang Dal leader, Bittu Bajrangi, harassed and manhandled an interfaith couple in Baba Khajan Chowk in Pali, Haryana and even called police on them. A video of the said incident has been doing rounds on social media. The video of the said speech was accessed by us on June 29, 2023. In the said video, a local reporter from Faridabad news, can be heard saying that if the girl’s father is aware and all is consensual between the couple, then what is the problem? Bittu Bajrangi, who has a phone in one hand and is holding on to the collar of the Muslim boy from the other hand, can then be heard making derogatory statements against the girl, saying that the Hindu girl was in an Oyo hotel with a Muslim boy since the last three days. The reporter then states to the camera that Bittu Bajrangi will be calling the father of the girl to tell him about the acts of his daughter.

The video then shows a police man reaching the spot, while the Muslim boy is standing with a mob behind him. Bittu Bajrangi can be heard telling the Muslim boy that he will be handed over to the police now and he can tell them whatever he wants in his defense. The police then takes the Muslim man away while the crowd raises the slogan of ‘Jai Shree Ram’. Later, the girl is also showed getting in the police car. The reporter then provides that the couple has been handed over to the police for their safety as the “mob was too angry and anything could have happened.” Bittu Bajrangi can be heard saying that they will be reaching the police station too.

The video can be viewed here:


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