Top 10 Moments of November 27, 2020

We bring to you pictures worth a thousand words of the Peasant Movement as it marks its second day today.

The protest began around 8:00 AM by the farmers who reached the borders of Delhi whereas other keep pouring in throughout the day.

State employed various means  to crush the spirit of the protestors, ranging from using water cannons, tear gas, lathi charge and more but to their dismay and eventually had to give in, allowing the farmers to enter Delhi and exercise their democratic right of peacefully protesting.

30 feet deep trenches were dug around midnight on the National Highway by the Police and the BSF  to prevent farmers from Punjab and Haryana to reach Delhi.


Farmers using a tractor to remove a truck placed as a barricade to stop them from entering Delhi at Tikri border near Delhi- Bahadurgarh Highway.


Water Cannon used to disperse the protestors at Singhu border.


Members of the Sanyukta Kisan  Morcha (a platform of peasant organisations) in support of the farmers organised a demonstration on Parliament Street, Delhi.


Police brutally lathi charging the protestors at Singhu Border to prevent them from entering the National Capital.


The resolute farmers of Punjab and Haryana refusing to bow down.