Trishul deeksha coupled with hate speech; Rajasthan tops the list again

In the month of May eight incidents of Trishul Deeksha were reported and 6 of these were from Rajasthan

Another month and Rajasthan tops the list for maximum number of trishul (trident) deeksha (distribution) events. At such events, trishuls are distributed to Hindu men and women and inducted into their organisations by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal. The number of such events have grown rapidly and while we are only able to cover those for which videos or reports are available on social media, there may be more such events happening on the ground by various organisations, including the fringe groups. Like last month, even this month Rajasthan has recorded the maximum number of these events. This is quite ironic considering the state is governed by Congress party which does not align with these right wing organisations.


From Dablana came a video on April 30 where VHP and Bajrang Dal distributed trishuls to hundreds of men and administered an oath to protect the nation and religion.

In Banswara, about 500 Hindus were given trishuls by VHP and Bajrang Dal, reported News24 on May 1. The speaker addressing the audience raised slogans of “Satya Sanatan Dharma ki jay (Hail True Sanatan Dharma). He said this is their motto and that all of them should have complete dedication towards it. “The oath of religious protection is not an ordinary one. Those taking the Trsihul Deeksha should be aware they will become bajrangis by taking these trishuls. They should know it is difficult to walk on this path of dharma.”  

On May 2 surfaced a video from Gharsana where a far right leader was speaking. He said, “we have seen our gods, whenever Hindus have worshiped weapons, Hindus have triumphed. See the bow and arrow of Lord Ram or Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra or see Shivaji maharaj, they have always been victorious. Until we worship weapons we are safe. We follow traditions. All gods we worship have weapons in their hands.”

“Those who got scared converted and became Muslims as you can see. We will take this Deeksha and protect this society. Until Ram Rajya gets established I will not stay calm.. If any mulla or father (Christian) molests a Hindu girl, or casts an evil eye on our temples,  we will stop them and if required we (Bajrang Dal) will kill them,” he added.

On May 3 surfaced a video from Sanganer where during the trishul Deeksha event a far right leader made baseless claims about conversions  and population growth “there are 5 crore converted Christians in India. Now they are 10 crore and speaking of sons of Mohammed, they are 150 crore in population. They live in 56 countries and speaking of India, their population is 28-30 crores. Out of these 60 lakh are involved in terrorist activities. They are involved in cow smuggling and other terror activities and the rest who are involved in conspiracies to divide and break apart our country are all evil. In other countries they (Christians and Muslims) fight amongst themselves but in India they get together and fight against us”.

On May 8, about 550 Hindu men were administered an oath to protect Hindu religion and given trishuls in Jaipur by Bajrang Dal members.

In Pali, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Durga Vahini members distributed Trishuls among 1100 Hindu girls and administered an oath to protect religion and turn India into a Hindu nation.


At the event organised on May 2 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the speaker was seen openly giving calls for using the said trishuls to stop “love jihad” and religious conversions. He had said, “But they are converting our Hindu girls. Bajrang Dal must work against it. Religious conversion is taking place in good localities as well. These Christian pastors and Muslim maulvis take advantage of the uneducated people, who are not aware of the law and do religious conversion.”

Hundreds were present in the audience and an array of trishuls were placed before some idols of gods and goddesses.

On May 9 another event was held in Nagpur. The video clipping of this event also shows that before the distribution of the tridents, speakers at the event gave a speech about Hindus and Hindutva. It was also shown in the video that these people chanted the Hanuman Chalisa. In the video, a short clipping of a man donning an orange scarf was played, in which he was heard saying “Today, the Hindu is aware and active, so they will not be getting votes from us, and they are now only gaining their votes from them. They want to target the Bajrang Dal only because they want to attack the Hindus. They won’t be able to get Bajrang Dal closed, but they might get their own shop closed this way.”

Citizens for Justice and Peace wrote a complaint to Nagpur police over the two incidents of hate speech and trishul Deeksha. The complaint may be read here.


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