‘Trishul Diksha’ in poll bound Rajasthan, a matter of grave concern

Distributing trishuls that are actually daggers, has been the strategy of right wing groups to spread their ideology of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and to use these weapons to ‘protect Hindu religion’


It’s been about 40 days into this year and there have been at least 7 reported events of ‘Trishul diksha’ or trident distribution in various parts of the country. The significance of the Trishul for right wing fringe groups is that it has religious significance, it allows them to arm people to incite violence and it is sort of a loophole that they have circumvented. The trishuls that they distribute are not the long handle ones that we often see wielded by deities but are actually, one centimetre smaller than the prohibited weapons; which saves them from being booked for any offence under the Arms Act.

This trishul diksha is accompanied with hate speech from the speakers at the events and many a times the speakers are either known hate offenders or prominent figures of the ruling party such as MPs or MLAs or State heads of the party. Many times, an oath to establish ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is also administered to those present.

Here is a run down of some of the trishul distribution events that have been organized this year, till date

On February 5 in Vidyadhar, Jaipur Bajrang Dal distributed trishuls among 1,110 young Hindu men and released a drone shot video of the men wielding those trishuls



At another event in Jaipur, a video surfaced on February 5 of VHP and Bajrang Dal administering an oath with around 800 men wielding trishuls in their hands



A day prior to that Vishwa Hindu Parishad  (VHP) and Bajrang Dal while celebrating Hindu Sammelan, distributed trishuls among hindu men Satish Mahana, the current Speaker of the UP Legislative Assembly was the main speaker at the event. This was held in Kanpur Nagar in Uttar Pradesh in the presence of the police.


In January, RSS Pracharak, Ishwar Lal was spewing venom at a Trishul Deeksha event, held in Lohwat, Rajasthan. Through this speech, Lal had dehumanised Muslims, made misleading and provocative statements, and also made unlawful and provocative calls for converting 30,000 mosques into temples, all with the aim of pushing the exclusionary agenda of Hindutva outfits. The details of the  speech may be read here.



In Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, on January 10, VHP  administered an oath among men to use the trishuls distributed at the event to protect Hindu women as well as the religion.



In Sirohi, Rajasthan at Shri Shri Maha Mandaleshwar Swami Kushalgiriji Maharaj’s event, trishuls were distributed amongst thousands in the crowd. In the video it appears that thousands of people, men and women, were attending the event.



IN early January, Praving Togadia, while speaking to the media, in Gaddarpur, Uttarakhand said that he wishes to arm 2 crore youth with trishuls. In May last year, CJP had complained to the National Commission for Minorities against Togadia as he had encouraged youth, at a trishul diksha event in Assam, to bear arms to deport “Bangladeshi Muslims”



A video surfaced on January 2, from Shastri Nagar in Jaipur Rajasthan where Bajrang Dal members were seen administering an oath to hundreds of men, wielding trishuls. They took an oath to protect Hindus, their culture and their religion. They also vowed to use the Trishul to protect Hindu religion.



What is happening in Rajasthan, governed by the Congress party with Ashok Gehlot at the helm, seems to be a repeat of 2001 and 2003. The November 2001 edition of Communalism Combat reported about the many trishul deeksha events in Rajasthan, “Of immediate concern is the systematic distribution of a few hundred thousand ‘trishuls’ — cleverly disguised Rampuri knives, six–eight inches long and sharp enough to kill —, delivering the lethal instrument to ‘every Hindu household’ in villages where the Trishul Diksha Samaroh is conducted. As we go to press, over seven districts in Rajasthan have had active ‘trishul’ distribution programmes. Raipur, Kota, Jaipur and Asind are only some of the places around which the campaign was being carried out. Most others have also been covered in this brazen attempt to militarise society in the garb of a religious programme”.

At that time, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had revealed that nearly 40 lakh trishuls had been distributed nationwide by then.

Similar Trishul Diksha events were held across Rajasthan in early 2003, in the run up to assembly elections in the state. Rajasthan is set to go to polls at the end of this year. In April 2003, the Rajasthan government had issued a notification prohibiting people from distributing, acquiring, possessing or carrying double or multi-bladed sharp pointed weapons.

It is probably time to remind the Ashok Gehlot government of its own notification that it seems to have forgotten. The fact that most of these trishul distribution events have been reported in Congress governed and poll bound Rajasthan is a matter of grave concern. It  shows  the growing influence of prominent right wing organizations and their ideology deeply seeping into a communally harmonious state and this also displays the inaction on the part of the ruling government under Gehlot which is allowing such extremist ideology to be disseminated.







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