Twitterati bat for Farmers’ Rights, even as news media attempts distractions

Even as troll armies, IT Cells and news media continue to spread propaganda or divert attention, civil society, some journalists and ordinary Indians came together to bat for ‘kisan-mazdoor’ rights


September 25, 2020 saw an unprecedented outpouring of people on the streets with lakhs of farmers and workers coming together to protest the regime’s anti-people policies, including the recent spate of bills and codes, passed hastily in the Parliament.

Punya Prasoon Bajpai set the tone for the day presenting the bigger picture; touching upon the protests, distractions therefrom and the underlying political machinations.


Journalist Abhisar Sharma also threw his weight behind the Indian farmer and tweeted:


Meanwhile, Arfa Khanum Sherwani quoted celebrated Hindi author Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and tweeted:


However, a large section of mainstream media remained focused on either the Bihar election announcement or how actor Deepika Padukone had been dragged into the drugs in film industry controversy that broke out in wake of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. While reporters fell over themselves to tail Padukone and her husband Ranveer Singh as they flew in from Goa yesterday, today, they considered it an achievement to drive alongside their vehicle! Many on Twitter rightly called out this desperate attempt to divert attention from the real issues being raised by the nationwide farmers’ protest.



Meanwhile, civil society did its best to draw attention back to things that matter. Advocate and activist Prashant Bhushan tweeted this self-explanatory cartoon by Satish Acharya:


Harsh Mander, who was recently dragged into the investigation into Delhi riots tweeted about solidarity for farmers being expressed by CAA protesters:


Tribal socio-political activist and son of a farmer, Hansraj Meena too asked the country to stand for Farmers’ Rights:


Dalit Rights activist and convenor Dalit Army, Yash Meghwal urged people to vote out the current regime to protect Framers’ Rights:


LGBT rights activist Harish Iyer also reminded people to stand by farmers:



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