Twitterverse strikes back: Election Humour at its peak on counting day

Tweets go to show – Is anything left of the right anymore?

Social media, that until very recently was threatening to become a breeding ground for hate, today upped its ante to fight back against troll armies of proto-fascists and right-wing supremacists.  

As the results of the #MaharashtraAssemblyPolls and #HaryanaAssemblyPolls trickles in on Thursday October 24, Twitterverse dished out its best. From sarcasm to puns, from memes to gifs… Tweeple’s social media game was on fleek!
And we say… keep slayin’!

Here are some of the tweets that tickle the funny bone.

To market, to market

Boo hoo!?

In the end, it doesn’t even matter

Just business?

Somethings in life that money can’t buy…

Of dead rats…

Tejasvi’s FOMO moment

While the candidates fight to gain foothold, the pow-wow on Twitter has us in splits. What are your favorite election-time tweets? Do share them with us in the comments.

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