UP: Two injured during Buddhist-Sanatan clashes

The pilgrimage area is a long-disputed land between the two religious groups

Buddhist-Sanatan clashesImage Courtesy:newsd.in

Two people were injured when people from two religious groups pelted stones at each other in Sankisa, a Buddhist pilgrimage site in Uttar Pradesh on October 20, 2021, reported Amar Ujala.

Buddhist pilgrims on Wednesday celebrated the second day of their Dhamma yatra by hoisting their flag near the stupa at Sankisa which eventually resulted in the breaking of a kalash of the Mata Bisari Devi temple – a religious place of the Sanatan Dharma followers.

The incident resulted in stone-pelting between the two groups during which a man identified as Ajay Kumar suffered a head injury, while another identified as Lakhan Srivastava sustained an injury on his leg, reported Hindustan. As both injured belonged to the Sanatan group, members blocked the main road of the village and demanded appropriate treatment.

Eventually, the police succeeded in appeasing the angered mob and ensured treatment to the two. The pilgrimage area is a disputed land. Buddhists claim that Lord Buddha arrived from the heavens and reached here, whereas the Sanatan folk believe that the Bisari Devi temple is an ancient temple where an idol of Lord Hanuman is also located. A legal version of this argument has been pending in court for around 40 years.


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