Two Men stripped on camera, paraded & whipped for allegedly selling beef

In a flagrant violation of the law in Chhattisgarh, the two “accused” have been arrested and police said over 33 kg of beef was recovered from them, police said.

two men

In another brute case of mob justice, two men were stripped and paraded and whipped with a belt for allegedly selling beef in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district. A video, that has gone viral over the past two days, shows the men stripped to their underwear being paraded through a street as a crowd follows them, reports NDTV. A man in the crowd whips one of the accused as others record the episode on their phones and some voices egg him on.

The two accused have been arrested and police said over 33 kg of beef was recovered from them. Das (50) and Ramnivas Mehar (52) were riding a two-wheeler loaded with a white sack. When the complainant and others asked them what is in the sack, they replied that it had beef, the complaint says. Senior police officers were then informed, and the two men were taking into custody, the police said.

The recorded statement said that 33.5 kg of beef was recovered from the accused and that they were taken into custody. The two were produced in court today. The police have said that the recovered meat was examined by a veterinary doctor, but there are no details regarding the report of this examination.

When NDTV reached out to senior police officers in the district, the channel got no response. There is also no information on whether any action has been taken against the men involved in stripping the accused and whipping them on the street.


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