Two people from Bhatkal attacked in Honnavar for transporting cattle, four arrested

A wave of anger spread among Muslims of Bhatkal after two local men were beaten black and blue by a group of alleged right-wing activists in Honnavar for allegedly trafficking cattle on the night of March 7. The police after receiving the information took four people into custody while a case against more than hundred assaulters has been booked in Honnavar police station.

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According to Mohammed Ismail, a relative of one of the victims, Mohammed Ismail, Nur-ul-Ameen Mukhtasar (40) and Ghufran Pothe (35) were returning to Bhatkal on Wednesday night at around 11:30 pm after purchasing two buffalos and a bull from Ankola. A group of more than hundred right-wing activists forcefully stopped their Bolero pickup vehicle near Karki NH-66 and assaulted them causing severe injuries to the body. As per Karnataka laws, the sale of beef is not illegal and consequently, the three animals were being brought to Bhatkal for a wedding, locals confirmed.

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According to Ismail, instead of admitting the victims Nur-ul-Ameen and Ghufran to Bhatkal or Mangaluru hospital, they were taken to Karwar hospital with the intention to keep things under wraps and away from the limelight. Nur-ul-Ameen was beaten in such a way that his one hand was fractured and also sustained grievous head and body injuries. Another victim Ghufran too was beaten badly and he received multiple injuries on his back and stomach.

As the Bhatkal meat sellers received the information of the entire incident, many rushed to Karwar immediately and demanded the arrest of the goons involved in the incident. Looking at the grievous injuries of both the victims, family members shifted them to Manipal KMC hospital for better treatment. It is said that the assaulters have also filed a case against Nur-ul-Ameen and Ghufran in Honnavar police station on the charges of illegally transporting cattle. However, the only ‘crime’ committed by the two people were that the vehicle they used, a pickup truck, is not authorised to carry animals, said a local. “The Karnataka government mandates that cattle be carried only in specific types of vehicles but there are very few of these vehicles in the state and most of the cattle in transported via lorries and pickup trucks,” he added.

The coastal region of Karnataka has a strong presence of Hindu right-wing organisations, with Bajrang Dal active in Mangalore and Udupi districts while Hindu Jagran Vedike more active in the region of Honnavar, Bhatkal, Kumki and Murdeshwar, said a local. The ones who were involved in the attack were allegedly members of the Bajrang Dal.

As the information regarding shifting of the victims to Manipal hospital spread in Bhatkal, a huge crowd gathered near KSRTC bus stand waiting for the Ambulance. They wanted to stop the ambulance in Bhatkal to protest the incident. But the local police rushed to the spot and controlled the situation and did not allow the ambulance to halt in Bhatkal.

Speaking to SahilOnline over the phone, Uttara-Kannada SP Vinayak Patil said that Honnavar police have already filed a case under section 307 against the attackers and have also arrested four people in this regard. The SP further said that the search for the absconding accused is being carried and strict action will be taken against the accused.

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