Under Guise of Religious Conversions, Attacks by Hindutva Groups Worsen Situation for Christians in India

Christians face attacks, disrupted prayer meetings, and church vandalism - their cries for help go unheard as the police arrest the victims, side with the perpetrators

Attack on Christians

There has been a significant increase in violence against Christians by Hindutva groups, which has largely gone unnoticed by the media. The recent spate of hate crimes and mob violence against Christians appears to be exacerbated by anti-community rallies and slogans based on instilling fears and anxieties about “religious conversions.” Several attacks on churches, particularly in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, as well as hate speech against Christians in other parts of India, particularly in Chhattisgarh and Karnataka, were reported last month, and more such incidents have been reported as the month of April begins.

In one such incident, reported from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, members of Hindu far-right groups forcefully entered a house and disrupted a prayer meet of Christians over allegations of religious conversions. It was further alleged that these Hindutva extremists also resorted to vandalism and violence, resulting in injuries to members of the Christian community. A video showing police at the said location and taking control of the chaos made rounds on social media.

A few members of the Christian community can be heard crying while narrating the events that took place, and how the far-right extremist groups subjected them to violence and abuse. A child can also be heard crying and asking the media persons as to why they did not reach earlier. The video then shows the site of vandalism, with broken chairs and musical instruments lying on the floor.

Hitika Vasal, Superintendent of Police, can then be seen addressing the media and saying that the police had received information that some members of the Hindu community were being forcefully converted to Christianity. The SP said that the members of the Christian community who were hurt in the said “clash” have been taken to the hospital and an investigation has been initiated in the said matter.

The video can be viewed here:

Another incident was reported from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh where BJP leader Yogesh Singh disrupted a Christian prayer meet and alleged the pastor of religious conversions. The BJP leader had reached the prayer meet spot with police, and accused the pastor of converting poor and helpless people by making them believe in miracles and follow the path of Jesus Christ. He alleged that such meetings are conducted every Sunday. He also alleged that 150-200 women were involved in such forced conversions. It is being alleged that the police have arrested two members of the Christian community.

The video can be viewed here:

A similar incident was also reported from Raibareli in Uttar Pradesh, where the locals disrupted a Christian prayer meet and alleged the participants of religious conversions. It is being alleged that the police have made multiple arrests in this matter, and has begun with its investigation.

The video can be viewed here:

An anti- Christian hate speech was made by a far-right leader Durgesh Devangan at a Vishwa Hindu Parishad event held at Baloda Bazar, Chattisgarh. Through this speech, calls were made for establishing a ban on entering of pastors into villages and violence against them was also encouraged.

The speaker can be heard saying that everyone has to be prepared to stop missionaries, pastors and fathers from entering the village as these people take advantage of those who are economically weaker, and convert them after fooling them. He furthers says that we have to learn a lesson from these Christians only.

The speakers also raises a violence instigating slogan of “pehle roko, fir toko, aur nahi sune toh thoko (First stop them, then scold then, and if they do not listen, then shoot them)”.The speaker also said that the authorities will have to listen to both the parties, they will have to listen to the Hindu community too, so nobody needs to be scared.

The video can be viewed here:

It is important to observe here that these attacks stem from Hindu nationalist groups’ claim that Christians are fueling Hindu conversions by luring people with cash payments, foreign trips, and medical assistance. Almost all of the attacks are carried out under the guise of patriotism by Hindutva groups with unruly elements of anti-nationalism in the State. Another noteworthy feature is the police authorities’ unwillingness to prosecute the perpetrators, who are Hindu religious extremists. Indeed, from the incidents reported above, numerous instances have been cited in which police officials pushed for such violent acts and supported the violent Hindutva mobs. The mere filing of a FIR against the pastor or the church in general has resulted in restrictions on entering the church and performing prayer rituals.



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