The Untold Story of Harappa in the words of Kanch Ilaiah

In this poem, activist and scholar Kancha Ilaiah traces the history of the lost civilization of Harappa to its Dravidian roots.


Harappa! We are all your descendants
You shepherded the first civilization
You built the first city in the East
You domesticated the early animals
Goat, sheep, buffalo, dog and donkey.
You made the first pot, brick, bronze tools
You built the first tank, boat and building.
You were God’s Own Man.
Brahma came and burnt all your civilization
Indra damaged it beyond reparation
Agni and Vayu became their weapons of destruction
Harappa’s descendants came to Down South
Ayyappa is your incarnation in black dress
He rebuilt the Harappan civilization again in South
Now they want to destroy that Adivasi civilization
In God’s Own Country and turn it devilish.
(Dedicated to Bindu and Kanakadurga who fought for protecting the Ayyappa civilization and culture)

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd Chairman T-MASS and political theorist.




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