UP: Yati Narsinghanand delivered provocative anti-Muslim hate speech, invoked Love-Jihad, temple demolition

He announced a ‘Hindu Bachao Morcha’, a group that will take revenge if any Hindu is killed by a Muslim

Extremist and serial hate monger Yati Narsinghanand, a so-called Hindu religious leader, has delivered another hate speech against the Muslim community in Dasna, Uttar Pradesh on June 18, 2023. Dasna Devi temple priest Yati Narsinghanand, who was the organiser of the December 2021 Haridwar ‘Dharam Sansad’  where calls were given for the genocide of Muslims, has continuously spread anti-Muslim hate through his speeches. He is a known serial hate offender, who openly supports acts of genocide and violence against Indian Muslims and strives to create an India sans Muslims. In his current speech, he made offensive statements targeting the Muslim community to garner support for his divisive mind set while announcing a ‘Hindu Bachao Morcha’. 

The speech:

Video 1

“Hindu Bachao Morcha will be a part of every fight that is fought against Muslims. If any of the people working for us is killed anywhere, we will take revenge on their behalf. The organisation will not only take revenge, but we will also take care of the family of the man who dies. We will ensure that the man’s children are education, and the family have enough food and clothes.”

“In every nook and corner that one turn, there are calls being made to declare India as a Hindu nation. Every Hindu is demanding that this country becomes a Hindu nation. but, let me clarify, the way this country is working and the way things are going on, there is not even an ounce of a chance that it becomes a Hindu nation, rather we are quickly moving towards becoming an Islamic nation.”

“In the year 2029, the Prime Minister of India will be a Muslim. Maximum to maximum, you will be able to avoid this till 2024, but then, sure a Muslim will the PM. This will happen because you people do not have children at home, and have poop filled in your brains. My words might hurt you, but the kind of environment we are living in and the troubling times ahead, this is necessary.”

Video 2

“If any Hindu is killed, or a daughter of a Hindu gets trapped in Love-Jihad, or our temples are demolished, we have to ensure that our roar reverberates in the entire world- this is our target.”

“We are not just making an organisation, we are making a group.”

“We want to ensure that we speak up for the Hindus. We want to ensure that if a Hindu is killed in Gujarat by a Muslim, the Hindus sitting in America gets to know. If Yati Narsinghanand is killed in Dasna, the Hindus sitting in Bengal and Bangladesh should know. If any Hindu dies, it should be visible on every media platform.”

“The police, the government, the judiciary, the Home Minister, the Prime Minister, and even the Chief Minister is ours. Our motive is to speak out. When the Muzzaffarnagar riots had happened, the Muslims had killed in large numbers. And after that, half of those old men with long beards with sitting at Sonia Gandhi’s home, while the other half were sitting at (indiscernible), after having murdered Hindus. After this, the media had said that the Muslims were tortured and were victims, and this was also being shown to the entire world. The Hindus too believed that.”

“I urge you to all read Islam, if my words don’t sound true to you, do not come back to me then. I am a walking FIR. I have been in jail 33 times. I have never secured a second position in college, but I dedicated my life, 27 years, to this cause.”

“Only those who want to fight with me want to die with me, want to fight for Hindus are welcome here.”

In the second video, two members of the audience also gave a hate speech targeting Muslims, made calls for violence, reminded them of the Hindu united power which has resulted in the genocide of Muslims in the past too.

Unknown speaker: “We all should not be worried about dying at all, even if we die today, we will be born after 9 months from the womb of another mother. The day this fear leaves your mind, that very day, the only of you will be able to destroy a crowd of 500, as we had previously seen in the Maujpur riots. Even our Lord Krishna had said that only after the death does the real life starts.”

Unknown speaker: “Only formulating the morcha will not be of any help, we have to have experience and training to fight, and we have to remain ready to fight by hook or by crook, only then will Hindus be saved. We have to get out of our defensive mood and come into the attacking mood now.”

The videos can be viewed here:

Narsinghanand appears to have emerged from the trenches after the Uttarakhand Dharam Sansad case in 2021, with his same divisive ideology and communal diatribe, and is likely at full throttle with the general elections approaching. When he remarked that madrassas and Aligarh Muslim University should be blown up in September last year, he was arrested by the UP Police and has stayed quiet since then.

Last month, Yati Narsinghanand had gave an anti-Muslim speech at the Hindu Jagruti Sammelan in New Delhi on April 3, making venomous and insulting remarks against not only Muslims but also women, instilling fear among Hindus by driving the narrative of ‘Hindu Khatre me Hai’ (Hindus are in danger).



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