Uttarakhand: Bharatiya Janata Party leader Rajni Rawat accused of attacking trans woman Nisha Chauhan, second instance of abuse reported in one year

Nisha, who had been granted police protection by the Uttarakhand High Court and had previously registered an FIR against Rajni, states that the assault and attempt to murder was over begging territory issues, accused state authorities to be in cahoots with the BJP leader

Disturbing news of a trans woman named Nisha Chauhan being assaulted by a Bharatiya Janata Party leader, namely Rajni Rawat, emerged on social media. On April 23, Yes, WeExist uploaded a video of Nisha narrating the incident and showing her bruises and wounds. As stated by Nisha in the video, BJP leader Rawat, the only transgender member of the party, assaulted and attempted to murder Nisha over begging territory issues. As per Nisha, the assault was carried out by Rajni and her “gang” members. Notably, the incident took place on April 13, 2024.

In the video, Nisha can be heard saying that she was abducted from inside her colony and brutally assaulted by BJP leader Rajni and her associates. As stated by Nisha, she was wrongfully confined by the mob which consisted of at least 30 Hijras and almost 18 boys. She was attacked by the mob using sticks and steel rods. Nisha further alleges that her hair was also chopped by the mob using scissors and she was attacked on her head with bricks. As she narrates the details of the attack that was faced by her, the video shows the many bruises sustained by her. Notably, in the video Nisha could be seen with a plaster on her leg. Nisha further alleges that the attack on her was made with the intention to kill her.

The video can be accessed here:

She made and released the said video to urge the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Dhami and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save her from Rajni. Nisha also expressed her disappointed with the authorities, stating that even after having court ordered police protection and filing a First Information Report against Rajni, no action against the BJP leader were taken. Towards the end of the video, Nisha appeals to the state authorities to take cognizance of her case and held her seek justice, or else she would self-immolate herself in front of the CM’s office.

Previous FIR by Nisha against Rajni

It is essential to highlight that this is not the first instance of assault that has been reported by Nisha against Rajni. On August 4, 2023, Dehradun police had booked BJP leader Rajni and thirty of her associates for allegedly attacking Nisha. As per the complaint filed by Nisha, the incident of assault had occurred on July 25, 2023.

A report of the Times of India stated that Sub-inspector Sanjay Mehrotra, who was investigating the case, had said that Nisha alleged in her complaint that on July 25, her transgender guru had called her to come to her place. When Nisha had reached the spot, Rajni, along with her 30 acquaintances, had assaulted her and forced her to sign some blank papers. Nisha had further accused Rajni of extorting Rs. 40,000 from Nisha. Nisha had also provided that Rajni had also threatened her against reporting the said incident to the police before letting Nisha leave and had also deleted all the CCTV footage of the incident.

Notably, accused Rajni and her associates had been booked under sections 147(rioting), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 342 (wrongful confinement) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

It is essential to note that Nisha had approached the Police on July 26 itself, but the police officers had refused to file the complaint. Rajni extorted Rs. 40,000 from her.

High Court order for police protection:

On August 10, 2023, the Uttarakhand High Court bench of Justices Manoj Kumar Tiwari and Pankaj Purohit had granted Nisha police protection after she had approached the Court alleging fear from the BJP leader and no support from the police, who she had accused of working under pressure from local politicians.

As per the order of the court, the Station House Officer of the Basant Vihar Police Station, Dehradun, had been ordered by the court to assess the situation and ensure that the petitioner is provided with adequate protection.

“In the meantime, SHO, PS Basant Vihar, Dehradun shall assess the threat perception to petitioner and shall provide adequate protection to ensure that no harm is caused to her from respondent no. 3 or any other person acting at her behest.” (Para 7)

The complete order can be accessed here:

No state action against Rajni even after multiple reports of abuse:

It has been alleged by Yes, WeExist that BJP leader Rajni Rawat is well connected with Uttarakhand CM Dhami, who has provided Rajni with her own private bodyguards and government sponsored police protection. Allegedly, it is this state backing and power that Rajni routinely uses to harass and assault trans women and gay men who cross dress. Taking to ‘X’, Yes, WeExist pointed fingers towards the Uttarakhand state police for failing to take action against Rajni and her gang, who not only harasses gay sex-workers, but also owns multiple illegal weapons and threatens those who oppose her.



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