Valmiki sanitation workers go on strike demanding justice in Hathras case

The Valmiki community began its 8-day strike protest on Friday, garnering huge support from across the nation

dalit protest

Strikes and protests by various members of the Valmiki community against the injustice in the Hathras case have taken the country by storm in what seems to be one of the most significant agitations for the 19-year-old Dalit women.

Sanitation workers from the Valmiki community – to which the victim belonged – declared an eight-day strike in Agra and Firozabad on October 3 to show solidarity with the family. According to news reports, protesters allegedly pelted stones at the police that hurled back stones as well.



Their protest has been seen and recognised by urban citizens as well due to the gathering heaps of garbage across cities.



However, instead of complaining about the garbage, some citizens encouraged the workers’ strike and demanded the same from mainstream media.


Meanwhile, the rest of North India’s cities widely shared the community’s efforts to make their dissent heard.


The protests seemed strongest in Uttar Pradesh as videos from various cities of the state trended on the internet.


However, sanitation workers and supporters in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana also added their voice to the growing dissent.


Towards north-east, Assam protesters observed a candle-march Jorhat city and other parts of the state.




The support for the girl’s family was not restricted to India. South Asian organisations in countries like Canada also showed their solidarity by holding a protest on Toronto streets.




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