Is the VHP above the law in this new age of impunity?

VHP leader Sharan Pumpwell publicly states that the murder of Fazil was committed by their Hindutva activists


On January 29, VHP leader Sharan Pumpwell publicly stated that their Hindutva activists were involved in the murder of Mohammed Fazil, in order to avenge the death of Praveen Nettaru in Sullia.

Addressing the VHP’s Shourya Yatra in Ullal, he stated that Hindus demonstrated their power in Gujarat, but it was not a massacre. Bajrang Dal is prepared to fight if necessary. “When Praveen Nettaru was murdered, the entire Hindu community cried,” Pumpwell was quoted as saying by the New Indian Express. “We cried because a good karyakartha had been sacrificed. But our karyakartas did not remain silent. In Surathkal, we murdered Fazil in broad daylight. You must have seen the video of his horrible murder. That is our strength,” Pumpwell said.

He stated that Ullal requires a Hindu MLA. “There could be a lot of terrorists in Ullal. If the NIA conducts searches, they must be tracked down. “Even though PFI is illegal, their employees are scheming to assassinate our activists,” he further asserted, according to the New Times Express.

Videos of his speech is also doing rounds on Twitter. Since Pumpwell is speaking in his regional language, a transcript of his speech cannot be provided. Reportedly, in his speech, Pumpwell said that “A Hindu is never a weak one. They can never be incompetent. We have proven our strength to the world. Remember what happened in Gujarat? There were 58 Karsevaks travelling on a train to build the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. They were set ablaze.”

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In another video of the same speech, Pumpwell further incites his audience by reportedly saying that “How did Gujarat reply? No Hindus sat in their homes. They came to the streets & entered each and every house. For the murder of 58 Karsevaks, how many succumbed in Gujarat? Almost 2,000 people were killed in Gujarat.”

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