At a VHP event in Rajasthan, hate speeches are made and religious minorities are termed as “top enemies”

Speaker spreads misinformation and hatred about conversions, says Mother Teresa converted thousands of Hindus to Christianity


In another incident of leaders from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal espousing a hard, right-wing, exclusionist ideology, a Hindutva supremist leader can be seen delivering an incendiary and inciteful speech through which he has targeted the religious minorities of our country. In his speech, video of which have gone “viral” and reached hundreds of thousands, the speaker has openly targeted the minority communities of Christians and Muslims, and called them the enemies of the Hindu community.

The said speech was made at an event organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal at the Keru Block of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The said event was a weapon worship event, wherein speeches were given and open calls were made for Hindu people to buy and keep weapons at home.

The speech:

The speaker in these videos has not yet been recognized. In the first video, the speaker can be hear saying that “Aaj Hindu Dharam khatre mei hai dhayan rakh lena. Apan sab logo ko ekta ka parichay dena hai” (Today, the Hindu religion is in danger. We have to show unity.) He then begins with his exclusionary ideology, spewing hatred and false information against the Christians, and says, “Toh pehla dushman Isai hai” (And right now, our first enemies are Christians.)

 “Yeh vanvarshi shetaro mei jaa karke church ke naam par Staint Paul, Immanuel and Mission schools chelate hai” (They go to the tribal areas in the names of Churches and start Staint Paul, Immanuel and Mission schools). “Yeh jitna inka staff hai, yeh sab gareebo mei jaake Dharam-antaran ka kaam karte hai” (All their staff target the poor and convert them to Christianity).

Continuing with his communal diatribe, the speaker then says, “Bharat ke andar Mother Teresa ne hazaro logo ko Dharam-antarit karke isai bana diya” (Mother Teresa converted thousands of Indians to Christianity.) Without providing any basis of his claims, the speaker then says, “Bharat ke andar teen lakh inke paadri hai, sister hai, mother hai aur father hai.yeh ghum ghum kar Dharam-antarit karte hai” (There are three lakh Christian priests in India. there are Sisters, Mothers, and Fathers in India. They roam around and convert them.)

He then asks the audience, “pehla dushman kon hai?” (Who is our first enemy), and then says “Isaiyat” (Christianity). The speaker then says, “Dusra dushman kon? Musalman” (The second enemies are Muslims.)

The speaker then attacks the Muslims community, and says, “5 lakh Madarasa hai Bharat mei. 3.5 lakh Masjid” (There are 5 lakh Madarasas in India, and 3.5 Lakh Mosques) “Inka udeshya yeh hai ki “hass ke liya Pakistan, ladh ke lenge Hindustan” (Their objective is “we took Pakistan happily, and now we will take India forcefully”).

Continuing with his islamophobic speech, the speaker then says, “Darul Arab se Darul Islam mei badalna hai” (They want to convert Darul Arab to Darul Islam) “Isliye gaon gaon mei ghum ghum kar baccho ko bhadkane ka kaam inke Mulla-Maulvi karte hai” (Therefore, their Maulvis provoke children in the villages.

Then, the speaker goes on to encourage the audience to keep illegal weapons at home, and says “Har Hindu ke ghar par haathiyar phunche iske liye Shashtra Poojan hai” (weapons should reach every Hindu house. Therefore, there is this shashtra poojan {weapon worship})

The first video can be viewed here:



In the second video that has been uploaded of the same speaker, he can be heard continuing with his speech and saying, “Har Hindu ke ghar mei hathiyar hona chahie. Khojne se kya nahi milta” (every Hindu house should have a weapon. What can one not achieve by searching?) “Log kehta hai Trishul se kya hoga, Bandook dilao Toup dilao” (People say what will happen with Trishul {Trident}, instead give us pistols and artillery.) He then talks about violence and says “Ladai jhagde mei kabhi piston ya toup kaam aati nahi. Kya kaam ata hai? Ghar mei rakha hua badhiya Lath kaam ata hai. Fawde ka danda dekha hai?” (Pistols and artillery aren’t usable for fighting. What is usable? The canes that we have in our houses. Have you seen the stick of a spade?)

The speaker further instigates the audience by bringing in a communally sensitive case, with the aim of causing a rise in the audience, and says “Yadein Udaipur ke har dukaan ke andar hota na, toh Kanhaiya ki maut nahi hoti. Who bhaagte na, toh dukaan daar unki taanegin todh dete.” (If all the shops of Udaipur had those, then Kanhaiya would not have been beheaded. If they had run, the shopkeepers would have broken their legs.) “Lekin sona, chandi, fridge, cooler, AC, double bed, bete-betiyan sabke paas scootiyan hai badhiya badhiya” (But we possess gold, silver, fridge, cooler, Air Conditioner, double bed. Our sons and daughter have top-class scooties) “Uski raksha ke liye 150-200 rupees ki koi cheez hai toh who humare ghar par nahi hai” (But we do not have things worth 150-200 rupees for their protection.)

Referring to Muslims, he then says, “Unhone toh chhaton ke upar bhi patthar kama karke rakhe hai ki humari choti bachi bhi upar se eenth fenkegi, ek Hindu ka kaam tamam kar degi, Ram naam uska satya ho jaega. Aur humare ghar mei kuch nahi hai” (They have collected stones on their terraces, even if their little daughter throws stones, it will kill a Hindu. He will die.but we have nothing in our houses.)

The speaker then brings in Hitler, and says “Hitler, naam suna hai Hitler ka?” (Hitler, have you hear the name of Hitler?) “Germany ka shashq Hitler. Who kehta tha agar iss duniya mei sarv shreeshth jaati koi hai, toh who hai Hindu, aur dusre number par hai German.” (The rule of Germany, Hitler. He used to say that if there is one superior race in the world, it is Hindus. And Germans are on the second position).

Contituin with his vile comments, he then says “Isliye hi Hitler apni auraton ko Bharat mei bhejta tha, taaki who Hinduyon se garab-dharan karke aye, taaki humare yaha bhi veer, charitravaan, shreshth, aise yodha paida ho sake.” (Therefore, Hitler used to send (German) women to India to conceive with Hindu men. So, their newborn children could also be brave, have strong characters, and become superior warriors.)

The speaker then lastly says “toh hum sab log aise punya dharti par paida hue, yeh humare upar Bhagwan ki aseem anukumpa hai” (So, we all have been born in this holy land, this is a great favor by our Lord on us.)

The second video can be viewed here:



A pattern of spreading hatred against the religious minorities

Despite the variety of religions present, India’s religious freedom has rapidly declined in recent years. Hindu Supremist outfits, such as the Vishwa Hindu Pariwar and Bajrang Dal, have been indulging in spreading misinformation, inciting the people from the majority community against the minority communities, and giving hate speeches targeting the minorities of India. A rising number of cases are being reported from different parts of our country, such as crimes against Missionaries, priests, nuns, etc. only on the mere suspicion of involvement in religious conversions, or lynching of Muslims on false accusations of cow slaughter, illegal sale of beef, etc.

The wider social climate of threat, fear, violence and intimidation created by such speeches and mobilisations threatens everyday normal life, especially threatens women in general and men and women from the religious minorities in particular. The speak given by the speaker at this event organized to promote illegal weapon keeping by Hindus targets women, child and men of both the Christina and the Muslim community. It is pertinent that the propaganda being spread through such fake speech is recognized and the spread of hatred is stopped.


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