VHP Leaders allegedly threatens to burn down Muslims in presence of Police!

In a video posted on social media, a group of people threaten to “set ablaze” the Muslims living in the Aaron District of Madhya Pradesh

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In a shocking instance of provocation to violence, Suresh Sharma, reportedly a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), can be seen making threats instigating “burning and killing Muslims”. Uniformed policemen can be seen in the video. This incident has been reported from the Aaron district of Madhya Pradesh. 

There is no information readily available on the “clash” that had taken place as context for this video, nor have any photos of the alleged injured individuals been presented. In the video (links below), a group of people can be seen standing around Suresh Sharma while he is speaking to the police.

In this video, which is available easily on social media, Suresh Sharma can be heard saying “Miya ki itni aukaan kese ho gayi saalo ki who hinduyon ki maar peet kar rahe hai” [how dare these Miyas (a derogatory term used for Muslims) beat up Hindus} “inko hosh mei hai ya nahi hai yeh” (are they not in their senses?). Suresh Sharma then goes on to openly threaten that he will take action against the Muslims and burn everything down, and says“Ek din nahi lagega, do ghanta sirf aur purreAaron mei aag laga dunga” (it will not take me even one day, I’ll burn the whole Aaron within two hours)

In a blatant instance of impunity, Suresh Sharma then says that “FIR meri ho jae mai jail chala jauga” (Let there be an FIR against me, I will go to jail). He then says, “Purre Miyas meiaag laga dunga” (I will set ablaze all the Miyas). He then goes on to say that “Jo log support kar rahe hai unke bhi yahi haal kar denge” (I will also screw those who support them).

The video can be viewed here: 

In another video from the same incident, it can be seen that while Suresh Sharma is threating to burn and murder people from the Muslim Community, as well as their supporters, the police can be seen pacifying him. In the video, Suresh Shamaalso warns of holding a chakka jam, after telling the police that he has connections in the government, and closing down the whole Guna District. The police can be seen siding with the people from the VHP and not taking any action against the blatant hate speech and death threats being uttered in front of them.

The video can be viewed here:

The people of the VHP have repeatedly used the word ‘Miya’ to address the Muslim community of the district, even though it is a derogatory term. In this video, it can be seen that the VHP is willing and threatening to take the law into their hands if the police does not take action against the Muslim people allegedly involved in the clash. 

Such videos, when posted of social media, have the potential of spreading hatred and distrust against vulnerable and marginalised sections of our population, Muslims, besides being a grave threat to the peace, unity and integrity of India. Especially so, in view of the sensitive and hyper-charged atmosphere today wherein aggression is being unleashed, unchecked, with impunity, on sections of our population.

The wider social climate of threat, fear, violence and intimidation created by such speeches and mobilisationsthreatens everyday normal life, especially threatens women in general and men and women from the religious minorities in particular. It is the very nature of the beast, large hystericmobilisations such as these fired by speeches of this kind that then seek to justify violent attacks on the very sections and communities who are the target of stigma and demonization.

It is pertinent to note that in the above mentioned video, the leader of the VHP has not only targeted a minority, but also threatened to target and kill the ones who support them. While the police can be seen agreeing to charge the people of the Muslim community on the basis of the allegations of the VHP leader, the intimidating words being uttered by Suresh himself that can cause problems for the safety and security of the minority community in our country are being ignored. 


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