VHP’s Anti–Dalit Venom

Dear CC,
This is a copy of the letter which was sent to the Banaskantha Dalit Sangathan (BDS), which works among the Dalits and other marginalised communities of the area on issues of human rights violations and social injustice prevalent in the area. BSC has been associated with BDS for the last 3 years. The letter reached the Palanpur office of BDS on the very next day of a major public hearing organised to probe into issues of landlessness, atrocities and untouchability practiced against Dalits. (end-February 2003).

The letter was sent in Gujarati and we have translated it into English. Kindly highlight the venomous and terrorising tactics of the VHP (a member of the Sangh Parivar). The derogatory language used against no less a personality than Dr. Ambedkar and also all Dalits, speaks of their total disregard for all norms of democratic governance and the decorum of the Constitution. We urge you to take a serious view of this and look into the matter at your end, to stop such flagrant flouting of democratic norms.

Yours Sincerely, Behavioural Science Centre Team
(The second open letter of the true devotee of Lord Rama)

Let the Ambedkarite Harijans who oppose the Hindutva ideology understand. We will not let them mix with even the soil of Hindustan; today time is in our hands.

Hindutva is the ideology of true Hindus (and) it never accepts the Harijans who are the off-spring of the untouchable Ambedkar.

The Ambedkarite Harijans, Bhangis, tribals and the untouchable Shudra castes who believe in (respect) Ambedkar do not have any right to give speeches or criticise the Hindutva ideology in Hindustan, because, as a dog raises its leg and urinates when there is a pillar or a hill in its way, in the same way, whenever there is a question or discussion related to the Hindutva ideology, these Ambedkarites, Harijans, Bhangis, Adivasis and other untouchable low castes sling their dirt on the Hindutva ideology or show their own caste (their low birth) by speaking abusively (about it).

Now Hindutva has become aware and it is time to teach these Ambedkarites, untouchable Harijans a lesson. Not even the miyans (Muslims) can come to their aid now.

Understanding the Hindutva ideology requires a large heart. What will these untouchable Ambedkarites, who raise their leg and urinate, understand of the Hindutva ideology?

The fact that  honourable Narendra Modi has gained a large victory in Gujarat has been because of the Hindutva ideology, not because of the untouchable Harijans, (or because of) the Ambedkarite ideology. Narendrabhai has gained victory single- handedly in Gujarat because he explained the true ideology of Hindutva, what he will do for Hindutva, in the ektayatra (unity march).

The true Hindu Sangh sevaks, the true Hindu soldiers of Bajrang Dal and Dr. Pravin Togadiaji of Vishwa Hindu Parishad also had a major contribution in making  honourable Narendra Modi win, the speeches that they gave about the true Hindutva ideology were extremely important and to the point and because of this Modibhai has single-handedly gained victory in Gujarat.

Publisher: Vishwa Hindu Parishad, 11, Mahalaxmi Society, Paldi, Karnavati-380 007
Printer: Allied Offset Printers (Guj.) Pvt. Ltd. Kalidas Mill Compound, Gomtipur, Karnavati-380 021

NOTE: It is not insignificant that Dalits who were manipulated and misused in last years genocide, are today the target of the VHP’s venom.
On March 28, 2003, to protest against the passage of the Gujarat government’s new Anti-Conversion law, 10 Dalit women activists belonging to the Council for Social Justice jumped into the well of the Assembly in protest. Besides, seven statewide protests were also staged by this Dalit organisation all over the state. Ironically, the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress supported the Bill. Clearly, Dalits  opposing Hindutva are threats to the VHP who then launched a filthy tirade against them.

Valjibhai Patel, senior advocate and founder of CSJ, recalls how an earlier attempt to get such a law passed in 1972 also followed the brutal communal carnage of 1969, when the ruling Congress had brought in this legislation.                 




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