Video: In cashless India, Rs 40 Lakh showered on folk singers in a musical event in Gujarat

The pile was made up of Rs 10 and Rs 20 notes.

Ever since the night of November 8, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that 86% of the value of Indian currency would be wiped out, banks and businesses across the country have faced a severe cash shortage.

Or not.

Just 10 days after the announcement, a mining tycoon celebrated his daughter’s Rs 550 crore wedding with BJP and Congress leaders in attendance. And the authorities continue to make seizures amounting to lakhs of rupees in new cash.

A new video by ANI News shows that certain areas continue to be cash-rich (without any signs of going cashless). Approximately Rs 40 lakh (in Rs 10 and Rs 20 rupees) can be seen being showered on folk singers at a musical event in the city of Navsari in Gujarat.

The event was organised by Shri Gurjar Kshatriya Kadia Samaj on Sunday, December 25 and the money will reportedly be used for social work.

On social media, there were jokes.

Future plans were made.

And some novel suggestions were thrown up too.




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