Speak Out, Are Lynchings Not Acts of Terror, Canadian-born Indian in 2 Minute Video, #Not in My Name

In this powerful two-minute video, Gurpreet Singh, India-born, Canadian journalist asks heads of governments, peace activists, academics, 'Why are you Silent?" at the Lynchings in India, the targeting of innocents, mostly Indian Muslims, by those in power to turn India into a Hindu State.

Why are you Silent?
Are You waiting for More Deaths?
I wont be Quiet
I don't want this
#Not in My name

Speak Up before It is Too Late, My Country (India) is going through a Crisis), There are attacks on Minorities,

Are Lynchings not a Form of Terror?

The World Cannot Afford to be Silent

Gurpreet Singh is an independent journalist based in Canada. He works for Spice Radio in Vancouver and a publisher of monthly magazine Radical Desi that covers alternative politics. He is the author of the powerful book on the Victims of the Air India 1985 Crash –caused by Sikh extremists bombing the plane–in which all 329 people perished.

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