Communal Harmony triumphs, Imam Inaugurates Kali temple

In a heartwarming incident of love and empathy, the residents of Basapara, in Birbhum district of West Bengal, have proved that harmony always triumphs over hate and disinformation.

A Kali temple that was demolished two years ago for a road-widening project, was inaugurated on October 27th by the Imam of the local mosque, who not only came forward to help but also raised 7 lakh rupees to redevelop the temple.

Speaking exclusively to SabrangIndia, the Imam, Hafez Nasiruddin Mondal said that though he never imagined the Muslim community to be inaugurating the Kali temple but the thought of both Hindu and Muslim communities coming so close for an event made him extremely proud and happy.

Kashinath Kundu, the Chairman of the Temple Committee said, “They came to us first, offering help. When we told that we don’t have any money apart from the land they said that they will help out in every possible way if we come forward and partake in the redevelopment.”

The Deputy chief of Basapara Panchayat said, ” though the media is creating propaganda to distract the public, we haven’t fallen in that trap. Our only focus should be on the administration and development.”





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