Haunting Tribute To Gauri Lankesh

This musical rendering of a poem in Kannada by Mamta Sagar: Music By Bindhumalini and Vasu Dixit
Bullets showered… showered bullets…
Not one, not two, seven in a row
Those aimed at Gauri,
pierced deep into our hearts.
Bullets showered… showered bullets…
This flow, the stream of blood refuses to halt
This sorrow frozen within refuses to melt.
What? Why? How? Do not ask questions
Voice your heart before it ceases to speak.
Bullets showered… showered bullets…
They kill all those that sow love and affection
They spearhead to propagate violence and hatred
Who are THEY? Who are THEY?
Not we… Not you…
Enough of this game aimed at truth and trust
Showered bullets… Bullets showered…
Not one, not two, seven in a row
Like seven notations, this painful solfa,
Slit through the heart to become a song for this moment
With a heart brimmed with agony 
let’s spread peace… let’s spread love…
(A poem by Mamta Sagar in Kannada translated by the poet)





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