Vigil for dead farmers held outside Indian Visa and Passport application center in Canada  

South Asian activists came together to remember more than 60 farmers, who have laid down their lives during the ongoing agitation in India on Sunday, January 10 in Surrey.  

farmers protest

A vigil was organised by the group Indians Abroad for Pluralist India (IAPI) to protest the recent deaths of farmers who have been holding demonstrations near New Delhi to press upon the right wing Hindutva nationalist government to roll back controversial farming laws which are threatening their livelihood. The participants had gathered outside the Indian Visa and Passport application center and held out signs calling for justice to Baba Ram Singh and Amarjit Singh, and lit 60 candles for the dead farmers.  

Ram Singh was a Sikh sect leader, while Amarjit Singh was a lawyer. The two men died by suicide leaving notes blaming the government for their decisions during the demonstration, even as many farmers have died either by suicide or by natural causes or accidents during the struggle. The speakers at the vigil not only raised slogans, but asked for an action against those in government for the abetment of suicides by the agitators. They also denounced mistreatment being meted out to the protesting farmers and asked for the scrapping of “anti-farmer” laws without further delay.  

Among those present were IAPI President Parshotam Dosanjh, organiser Rakesh Kumar, Treasurer Navtej Johal, and other members of the group Amrit Diwana, Tejinder Sharma and Gurpreet Singh. The gathering was kept small due to Covid-19 restrictions and the participants wore masks and maintained physical distance. 

farmers protest

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