Vigilante attacks on minorities continue in Karnataka, MP, and UP

From knife attacks in rural Karnataka, to a mob beating at a book fair, minorities find no respite.

Troubling acts of violence and harassment of Muslims across India have come to light. These incidents have further kept concerns of social harmony lit further.


Two young Muslim men, Abdul Safwan and his friend Muhammad Safwan became the victims of a recent attack in which they were attacked while riding a two-wheeler from Kalavaru to Bajpe. They were both residents of Kalavaru, Shanti Gudde in Karnataka. The attackers who have been described as a group of approximately 20-30 people assaulted them with a dagger, and reportedly also shouted abusive remarks.

Abdul Safwan sustained serious injuries, including stab wounds on his hands and neck, during the attack. It was only due to helpful passers-by who came to his aid and immediately rushed him to a private hospital in Bajpe that his life could be saved. Subsequently, he was transferred to a private hospital in Mangalore for further treatment.

Upon receiving information about the incident, the Surathkal police promptly responded, visiting the hospital to gather information from Abdul Safwan. A case related to this incident has been officially registered at the Surathkal Police station.

According to reports from Headlines Karnataka, three individuals named Prashanth, Dhanraj, and Yajnesh have been arrested in connection with the attack. The investigation into this unfortunate incident is ongoing.

Madhya Pradesh

In another incident at the Ujjain Book Fair in Madhya Pradesh, a Muslim gentleman by the name of Waqar Saleem, who had set up a book stall, was subjected to physical assault by a group of women reportedly associated with the Hindutva organisation Durga Vahini. A recording of the incident was founded uploaded on Twitter on 4th of September, 2023.

The issue began when Waquar Saleem requested contact information while these women were inquiring about specific book deliveries. This request was subsequently used as a pretext for the altercation.

Saleem is reportedly from Gwalior and represents a publication with its headquarters in Gurdaspur and travelled all the way to Ujjain for the event solely due to his profession. He further had clarified at the event that he needed contact details for professional purposes, but the situation escalated drastically against him.

One of the women involved, reportedly a member of Durga Vahini, accused Mr. Saleem of inappropriately obtaining her phone number. After this the mob of women started beating him.

Uttar Pradesh

A troubling incident from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh came to light where a young man named Shadab reportedly violently carved the skin of a mentally challenged young boy named Danish. This disturbing act involved the use of a heated tool to inscribe the words “Jai Bholenath” on Danish’s forehead. The video shows outraged family member indignantly talking about the fact that Danish is a differently abled child since birth.


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