Voices of Sanity and Reason, Youth Rally at Parliament Street: January 9

Unite to Strengthen fight for Social Justice!

Hunkar rally

  • Release Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar unconditionally;
  • Withdraw false FIR against Meevani and Khalid filed after December 31 event at Pune city;
  • Withdraw all false cases against peasant leader Akhil Gogoi and other young leaders of workers, peasants and people’s struggles.
  • Let us intensify struggle for jobs for all, equal opportunities for all in Education and education for all and a scientific and progressive education policy.

Throughout the country, people are rising in struggle. Peasants, students, workers, agrarian castes, Dalits, are on the streets fighting against anti people policies assaulting livelihood and rights. The RSS led government at the Centre and in several states are dictating an agenda of communal hate while actively sponsoring an upper caste Hindu male assertion.  They seek to deepen Dalit exploitation, to woo the savarna sentiment by brutalising and crushing the former in defiance of all prescribed rights. Their drive is to marginalize Muslims and other minorities to almost ‘a-citizen’ status and dependent on their mercy for the right to existence. They seek to strengthen patriarchal clamps on all women while cleverly twisting issues of Muslim women to further demonize Muslims.  Under cover of this anti people policies against all common people of all castes and communities, anti national policies are being pushed  through in service of imperialists and to facilitate their loot and plunder.

Students are driven to suicide due to discrimination and targeting in institutions of higher education even as shackles are being put on these Centres. Peasants are driven to suicide, peasantry is on the streets fighting to save agriculture and themselves while the government is shooting at struggling peasants.  From Rohit Vemula to the floggings at Una to the false cases against the Bhim Army in Uttar Pradesh and their President, Chandrashekhar, incarcerated behind bars under NSA to the most recent attack on Dalits in Pune. False cases registered against Jignesh and Khalid for ‘provoking breach of peace’ whilst Hindutva leaders who breached the peace roam free under the nose of the police in Maharashtra despite being named by the state in FIRs against them. Vigilante attacks on Muslims in the name of food habits or cow slaughter from Akhlaq (2015) to Pehlu Khan (2016). No restraints against the marauders as Junaid’s killing has proved. Communist revolutionaries are killed in fake encounters or stuffed into prisons for fighting for the people.

Hadiya’s fate shows the real prescription of RSS led central government for women The accused in the killing of a Dalit boy in Ahmednagar are allowed to go scot free. All the while, promises for creating employment, for ensuring agrarian revival have ‘Gone with the Wind’ as policies to promote corporatisation of all sectors are on full steam. Contractualization is the rule, Skill India a mirage, and hope of a minimum wage will be countered by amending labour laws.

We want jobs for all. We want equal opportunities for education, a scientific and progressive Education system, end to dual education policy. All youth should have free right to choose their partners without being victims of caste khaps or labeled as jihadis.

We, the youth of India, want social justice. Let us participate in the Yuva Hunkar Rally and advance this struggle.



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