War and Peace

As would be evident from many of the opinions expressed through the Viewers’ Forum opened up by Pakistan’s ‘Jang’ group of newspapers on its website, there are enough Pakistanis who would fit into the stereo-type of the ‘jihadi’ Muslim. But equally well, there is no dearth of sober voices. We reproduce below a few samples of both.


‘Don’t we know that there are more Muslims in India?
I just want to know from anybody on this forum whether we have the military might to encounter India. Can anybody please answer this question? What is the whole Kashmir issue about? How can we claim to support the rights of Muslims when I step out of my home worried that I will be killed by a Shiite terrorist here in Karachi itself? A group of Shiite were killed right after Namaz the other day, and we claim we’re protecting Muslims! Don’t we know that there are more Muslims in India than here in our land? Can anybody please clarify this issue?
— Shahid Anwar, Pakistan


‘Pakistan is promoting terrorism in the name of Islam’
Pakistan is a country engaged in promoting terrorism in the name of Islam. My heart bleeds when I hear that they have undertaken offensive action against Indian brothers. I have been to India and I’ve seen that it’s a country secular to the core and a protector of true democracy as against Pakistan. I regret to say that this warfare throws Pakistan in poor light and hope that the leaders of Pakistan gain some wisdom from their Indian counterparts. When India is trying to fight Pakistani-supported terrorism, we should not interfere in India’s affairs. After all Pakistan is a child of India if you consider it originated from Hindustan. Does Islam preach to go against Mother? And that is the very fact that makes my heart bleed. Jai Kashmir!
— Fakruddin Ahmed–ul–Safah, USA


‘Pak should not send soldiers disguised as Mujahideen’
Pakistan should not send regular army solders disguised as Mujahideen fighters to invade India. One shall always reap as one sows. Also the Pakistani press should not misinform the Pakistani public. I love my country and want to put an axe on its own feet. My father is a retired army major and hence I know what is going on behind the scenes and how the Pakistani army is virtually ruling the country with all our politicians only worried about their seats.
— Yousuf Malik, Pakistan

‘Allah embraced everybody in the Quran’
Start a war and see what happens; nothing but pain and suffering to ordinary people. When will the religious fanatics realise that if Allah wanted to destroy the other side, he would do a far better job and more swiftly than you moron politicians, who are the real evil behind all this. Does a new-born baby know when you burn him? That he is dying for the right God, clear your mind of hate and see that Allah embraced everybody in the Quran, there is no stupid god or religion only stupid people who are blind and want to stay blind.
— Inzaman–ul–Haq, Pakistan


‘We’ve already wasted 50 years’
It is an open secret that these "freedom fighters" are backed by Pakistan both morally and financially. Our government, in an effort to divert attention from recent follies at home, has encouraged the "freedom fighters" to create trouble at the LOC. India had no choice but to respond. It’s about time we realised that such adventures are very costly to our country. We already have wasted more than 50 years fighting over Kashmir and in the process neglected human development in Pakistan.
— Nadeem Iqbal, USA


‘India can defeat us in two days’
If there is a war between India and Pakistan, it will take not take more than two days for India to defeat Pakistan. The Pakistani economy is so screwed up that I do not understand how Pakistanis can even think of going to war with such a great country like India. "God save Pakistanis."
— Rehmat Khan, Pakistan


‘India can wipe us out completely’
It’s Pakistan which tortures and violates the rights of Mohajirs, Sindhis and other ethnic groups in Pakistan. Kashmiris in India were living a much better life than most of the Pakistanis until Pakistan started sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir. Be friendly with India and leave India and India’s Kashmir alone. India can wipe us out completely. It’s a bigger country and most of it will be safe where as we will be totally destroyed.
— Farida Mahamood, Pakistan


‘Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris’
It seems to me that some of the extreme opinions expressed by your readers emanate from not knowing the other’s point of view or accepting that the other point of view may be rational, albeit one you disagree with. Personally, I feel that Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris and both India and Pakistan should give up their respective pieces and leave the Kashmiris to it. This way neither India nor Pakistan will lose face, as each can claim the other has given up its land for the sake of peace as itself has….and the Kashmiris get what they want, a united Kashmir.
— Amer Husain, UK

Archived from Communalism Combat, July 1999, Year 6  No. 51, Cover Story 5



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